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Welcome To the Orthorbbae Library!

This is the Drowtales wiki, where the whole of the Worldsetting information will be compiled, cross-referenced, and indexed to the Abyss in order for all to have access to the vast wealth of data.

The Orthorbbae Library reveals plot/character details of Drowtales and its related comics.
If you haven't read the comic and worry about spoilers - go read the comic.

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May 2019

Portrait Scen'tloth.png

Scen'tloth is a wandering demon residing within a nether-infested district of Chel. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 5/6/2018

April 2019

Portrait Zenon'wraith.png

Zenon'wraith is a sentient residing in a demon-infested district of Chel. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 4/24/2018
Portrait Dalshen Kyorl'solenurn.png

Dalshen is a stern Kyorl'solenurn sealer and former Dutan'vir. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 4/18/2018
Portrait Delphian'des Kyorl'solenurn.png

Delphian'des is a ferocious Kyorl'solenurn Warden who serves within one of the clan's many purge squads. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 4/18/2018
Portrait Amal'thya Dutan'vir.png

Amal'thya is a female Dutan'vir serving as a Warden and sealer in the Kyorl'solenurn military. (read more)

- submitted by Thrair 4/18/2018

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