Aba'della Nal'sarkoth

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Appeared in chapters                                             44            

Aba'della Nal'sarkoth
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Aba'della Nal'sarkoth
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: AnoP
Current Status
Nidraa'chal consort
  • Knowledge of Nether Summoning
  • His mother is a member of the Nidraa’chal

Aba’della is a member of the Val'Nal'sarkoth and the Nidraa'chal with the given duty of being a mate to members of the Nidraa’chal.

Appearance and Personality

Aba'della wears a white skirt, white boots and long green socks. He also carries a green bag. His white hair is partly dyed green and is worn in a ponytail. He has a thin frame as a result of his mother keeping him thin.


Felde peace conference

When Kharla was gorging food at the buffet, Ash'mita leads Aba'della away from the scene. She takes him to search for Snadhya'runes Vel'Sharen, where she comments to him about the fact there are lots of people around Snadya'rune. He tries to encourage Ash'mita to talk to Snad but she declined, stating that Snad appears to be busy with the other people. he was later present during Snad's speech, remaining close to Ash'mita and kneeled when Shodun gave the command.

Notable Quotes

" -Should we retire to a bedroom, to...- " Trying to convice Ash'mita to mate with him.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 44.