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The Nidraa'chal arose in 1030, their auras tainted with demon seeds, and they even had demons in their ranks. They revived ancient powers which were able to counter almost all the traditional defenses, and they spread the taint through Chel'el'Sussoloth like a wildfire, seeding those who were willing as well as those who weren't.

While the ver'drowendar were intriguing and the promise of power seduced many, the Val'Sharess remembered too well the enemies which feasted upon the dark elves a thousand years ago, and could not stand idly by. She ordered an Inquisition, targeting ver'drowendar figureheads and Nidraa'chal supporters alike. This caused the downfall of many lesser clans and Houses, as well as the decimation of the Val'Sharess' staunchest supporters, the Val'Dutan'vir.

Meanwhile, the Nidraa'chal continued to wreak havoc within the city itself, and riots broke out in which commoners fought eachother - those opposed to tainting fighting those who were positive to it. The Nidraa'chal siege of the Val'Sharess' tower finally brought the Val'Sharen into action, with the whole clan going out to fight the source of the chaos which had plagued the city, and to some extent the other clans, for fifty years.

A Nidraa'chal assassin killed Ilharess Sannindi'ligr Val'Dutan'vir, and her clan crumbled, the Inquisition still fresh in their minds. Only a few loyal houses remained, attacking the Nidraa'chal without tactics in a final stand. Unwise, when facing an enemy they knew too little about.


We are the bastard daughters of Sharess, and we shall take what is our due! Brethren, join us! The elves are the past, we are the future!

To the Nidraa'chal, the drowolath and drowussu were the past, just like the dark elves.. The ver'drowendar were the future. A future which the Nidraa'chal were to bring about through a chaotic guerilla warfare, turning innocent bystanders to their cause by force, as well as converting others with seductive promises of greater powers.

Many took the bait, from lowly commoners to highly placed nobles. The growing influence of the ver'drowendar, Nidraa'chal or not, prompted the Queen's Inquisition, which only served to increase the gap between those opposed to tainting, and those who were favourable towards it, eventually leading even the commoners to riot, adding to the chaos already instigated by the Nidraa'chal themselves.

The age of the ver'drowendar was not to start silently, but instead with wholesale chaos and destruction of the old ways.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures

Kalki Nidraa'chal



Clan Fortress

Clan Traditions

Special Features

The Nidraa'chal was a small clan - the first to consist exclusively of ver'drowendar, but it also held room for sentient demons within its ranks.

Clan Colors

Light grey armor with red gemstones, and purple cloth with white accents seem to dominate the Nidraa'chal clothes.

Clan Animal

Clan Troops