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Quain'tana Val'Sarghress is a warrior who believes in the importance of strength, of spirit and body. A woman who has had to fight for everything she has ever recieved, Quain'tana disturbed the status quo when she began to gather a multitude of mercenary companies from all around the world under her banner and build one of the strongest military forces in Chel'el'Sussoloth.

Giving land and titles to those of 'common' blood but exceptional skill, her actions angered the traditionalists Ilharesses, namely the Sharen who saw Quain'tana's actions as a way to disturb the stable yet fragile order that currently held sway in the city. While upsetting to the Sharen, these acts brought her the love of the common folk as the Sarghress clan provided one of the few ways for someone living on the streets of Chel to prove themselves and rise to position of power that would be denied them in any other clan. The Sharen have a right to be concerned as Quain is looking for a way to prove her strength, a challenge, a war and will not stop till the Sharen are gone. Once she has accomplished that, rather then become the new ruling clan, she will take her clan somewhere else to look for a new challenge, a new enemy, and a new war.

During the Nidraa'chal War, Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika tried to get help from the other clans to crush the threat posed by the demons but Quain'tana balked at this saying that she did not want to get involved in a war between two clans. Whether or not Quain'tana really felt that way is cast in doubt by the fact that after the war was won and the Sharen greatly weakened by the fight, the Sarghress were quick to take advantage and lay claim to lands that the Sharen couldn't hold onto anymore.

As Ilharess of the Sarghress clan, Quain'tana has had to step back from fighting on the front lines and hold the clan together. Too critical to the clan, most believe that if Quain were to die that the Sarghress would not stay unified and without a clear line of succession, the clan would splinter back to its original groups. Quain sees this and despite her public disdain for the traditions of the past, one tradition that Quain privately hoped to continue was to have one of her daughters lead the clan after her.

She has two daughters, Mel'arnach and Laele'aell, and a son, Kel'noz. Any hopes for future children were ruined for Quain'tana, thanks to a wound she recieved from Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen. Shortly thereafter Laele'aell, her most promising heir, fell to a demon and became unfit to lead the clan. Quain'tana's hope was broken and so she went to Mel'arnach to convince her to bear a child to continue the bloodline. Mel did not like the touch of men and saw her mother's plea as an order, seeking to use Mel as a tool to obtain Quain's own goals. Mel rebelled and refused to provide Quain with a blood heir. Furious, Quain ordered her daughter tortured, and threatened to do far worse to Mel and Zhor. However, being just as stubborn as her mother Mel would not break.

Quain'tana's hopes were shattered and she turned to drink to deal with the pain for a time. Unwilling to accept that she had been beaten, Quain'tana was forced to look to other sources for a suitable heir. First she looked at adopting and chose Syphile, the daughter of two of the strongest members in the Sarghress, Quain'tana charged her to become a summoner. When Syphile became tainted, an act that declared to most that a person had been to weak to control what had been summoned, Quain'tana took this as proof that Syphile was unsuitable for the position. Quain'tana decided to play it safe and choose someone who had already proven themselves as an accomplished warrior in the clan and chose Koil'dorath Nori'fu Sarghress, as her heir.

Imprisoned within her own home, Mel'arnach became lonely and hoped that a child would ease the pain of isolation. Mel'arnach became pregnant and Quain'tana's hope for a blood heir was reborn. As Ilharess, it was Quain'tana's responsibility to choose who would raise the child, so she took the child as soon as it was out of Mel's womb and claimed it as her own. Mel was furious but neither she nor Zhor could stop Quain'tana and so they were forced to watch as she took the child from Mel and placed the infant in Syphile's care. Quain'tana vowed that if the child was harmed then Syphile would be punished in turn, before naming the child Ariel.

Quain'tana returned back to caring for the clan's needs and did not meet with Ariel for ten years. At their first meeting, Quain'tana inspected the child and asked what Ariel wanted. When she learned that Ariel's desire was to kill Syphile, Quain'tana ordered her to do so but Ariel said that she couldn't. Quain'tana wasn't pleased to find out that and accused Syphile of making Ariel a coward and a weakling, unwilling to take what she wanted.

Quain'tana was dissatisfied and wondered what she would do with another failed heir when she was convinced by her son Kel'noz, a headmaster at Orthorbbae, to have Ariel learn at Orthorbbae as a male. When the Sharen learned that Ariel was a female, they requested that she be transfered to the female section of the school and under their authority. Quain'tana was angered by this demand and wasn't satisified with Ariel's progress in the school, comparing Ariel's achievements to her own, but she was mollified by Kel'noz. Quain'tana told Ariel that if she wanted to redeem herself then she had to bring a defeated Mir'kiin Vel'Vloz'ress, the bully that had stabbed Ariel and tormented her for years, to Quain'tana's feet.

Ariel was able to capture Mir'kiin and brought him to Quain'tana. In order to fully test Ariel's resolve, Quain'tana ordered Ariel to kill the boy. When Ariel hesitated Quain'tana was angry and asked if Ariel would prefer to kill only those in her own clan, remembering the first time she had interviewed Ariel. Quain ordered Sarnel Tions Sarghress to fight Ariel to the death if that was the case.

Faced with the decision of killing someone who had stabbed her and bullied her against someone who had helped her, Ariel killed Mir'kiin and showed her strength to Quain'tana. Quain named Ariel as her heir, providing her with land, and placed her in the care of the Fallen Legion. This angered Mandroga, one of her officers and advisors. Mandroga Nori'fu wanted the line of authority to pass to his daughter Koil'dorath, but when he could not convince her of that he tried to convince Quain'tana to put Koil'dorath in charge of Ariel's safety. Seeing the danger in doing so she refused him again and Quain'tana ordered him to get out of her sight. Quain'tana realized that the danger posed by the Nori'fu house, and while Koil'dorath is happy leading the troops and following the Ilharess, her parents view her being replaced as heir to the clan a betrayal of all they have done for Quain'tana.

Later Mel'arnach requested an audience and tried to convince Quain'tana to allow her to train Ariel but Quain'tana would not allow it. While Mel pleaded for the chance to be with her daughter, Quain'tana threw insults back in her face before summarily dismissing Mel. Angered, Mel'arnach tried to attack her mother but the guards were able to restrain her in time and Quain punched her child in the face for her trouble. As she was dragged out Mel threatened to kill Quain'tana but Quain'tana, showing a total lack of concern, told Mel to go ahead and try.

Thanks to Ariel, Quain'tana had Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen as a hostage and she was visited by a Vel'Sharen entourage, led by Zala'ess Vel'Sharen, Chrys'tel's mother, who hoped to retrieve her daughter from her enemies' hands. Quain'tana tried to trick and provoke the Vel'Sharen by telling them Chrys'tel had joined the Sarghress and revealed one of the Sharen spies in the Sarghress fortress. Zala'ess was unwilling start a fight with Quain where she was strongest or to beg to see her daughter. Seeing that she couldn't accomplish anything else, Zala'ess left with Quain'tana yelling after her. Quain'tana was outraged to be ignored and she was angered futher by Syphile opening the door for Zala'ess and allowing them to leave.

Angered and shamed to be dimissed in her own home, Quain'tana was sent into a rage as she heard Zala'ess' harsh words about her weak heirs. Quain confronted Syphile, picking her up by the throat and slamming her into a wall and warned Syphile not to disappoint her ever again before dropping the girl to the floor. Only a few hours later while walking down the halls and conversing with some of her De'vesses; Sang Niz'zre, Suu'be Nori'fu, Itan'sha Mae'yukir, and Rosof Tions, about her new heir, Quain'tana found Syphile collapsed at the bottom of some stairs and banished her. Now, with Ariel on her quest to the surface, Quain'tana prepares her clan for war.

"You did well, my daughter...It's the first one that is the most difficult. You need to be ruthless to survive."
Quain'tana's words to Ariel after killing Miir'kin Vel'Vloz'ress.

"...Quain'tana is a woman who has fought against her fate, against society, and impossible odds her whole life. What did you expect her to do, just give in to the stubborness of her rebel daughter?"
Kel'noz speaking to Mel.

Ariel Val'Sarghress - Quain'tana's last hope for a true-blooded Heir.
Kel'noz Val'Sarghress - One of the male headmasters at the Orthorbbae, and Quain'tana's oldest son.
Koil'dorath Val'Sarghress - Second Heir, commander of the Sarghress army. Originally of Nori'fu house.
Kor'maril Val'Sarghress - Son of Quain'tana by merit and adoption, commander of a Sarghress battalion.
Laele'aell Val'Sarghress - Quain'tana's second daughter, once leader of the Fallen Legion and the pride of the entire clan.
Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress - Quain'tana's first daughter, by most believed to be an insane hermit.
Quill'yate Yurun'hiir Sarghress - Leader of the Highland Raiders and De'vess of Yurun'hiir house.
Rosof Tions Sarghress - Leader of Tions house and Quain'tana's trusted advisor.
Itan'sha Mae'yukir Sarghress - De'vess of the Mae'yukir house.
Suu'be Nori'fu Sarghress - De'vess of Nori'fu house, mother of Koil'dorath.
Sang Niz'zre Sarghress - De'vess of Niz'zre house.
Syphile - Former adopted daughter.

First appearance: Chapter 1 pg 0

Appears in chapter(s): 1,3,5,8,11(Flashback)

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