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The Beldrobbaen clan symbol.


The Beldrobbaen clan is another of the ancient Clans, though not so decadent as the Sullisin'rune, nor as rich and powerful as the Sharen. In truth, the Beldrobbaen have suffered greatly in recent history, and have been the subject of a great number of tragedies that have scarred the once powerful Clan, leaving it a shell of its former strength and presence; the most notable of these is the release of a demonic host at Orthorbbae, which resulted in the deaths of almost all Beldrobbaen females. Though the heir to the Clan survived, she is so demon-ravaged that many wonder how she has managed to stay alive for this long. As fierce as their Ilharess is, and as aggressively as she fights for her Clan's survival, the situation seems to be grim.

Even though the Nal'sarkoth is widely considered the weakest of the Great Clans, as it relies upon sellswords for its might, the Beldrobbaen are possibly the most vulnerable as a target. Though most of the Great Council are on good terms with the Beldrobbaen, perhaps it is only a matter of time before one turns its eyes to this old Clan in the hopes of a quick victory, as none of the other Clans have openly displayed such signs of being past their prime. Yet that is partly a strength to them, as even though they are perceived as being in a weakened state, nobody is sure how weak they truly are, and so there is a greater risk involved.

Regardless, for now the Clan remains its own for however long they can hold on to it.


An alternative Beldrobbaen symbol.

The core of the Beldrobbaen philosophy seems to be passive observance. From their fortress which looks down upon Chel'el'Sussoloth, to their defensive nature, to the difficulties suffered from losing most of their females, the Beldrobbaen are the spider incarnate, patiently watching and waiting for whispers on their web before they react. Keepers of great secrets, part of their strength is their weaknesses are hidden well. The Beldrobbaen, in general, are a somber people, as they have suffered more than other Clans and this has given them a grim perspective on things. Though their home is on high, they have an overly grounded perspective, far more aware than other noble Clans who look down upon their domains.

Additionally, the Beldrobbaen are stollidly tolerant of driders, as they used magics combining their fallen with the giant spiders to retain their strength. As such, even though the technique was forbidden, they still welcome those driders that seek shelter within their walls; one of the few places the half-spiders can find a place to rest.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures



Clan Fortress

The Beldrobbaen Clan fortress is built from the cavern ceiling and looms over the city. While once it was a great bastion that housed a mighty clan, the atrophy of war, accidents and other events have whittled away at its numbers until it remains half-full, and a shadow of its former glory. Though not as great as it once was, it is said to be a majestic place, still, full of powerful golems and driders in place of the warriors who fell.

Clan Traditions

The clan has several drider transformation specialists, at least one of them is actually a dark elf, staying well away from politics in order to survive. Each of these specialists have their own abilities, and their own specialities, which are different from the others.

Created driders often go crazy, and the clan has sent such driders to the Hive for treatment.

One particular tradition for which the Beldrobbaen are known, is that of transforming their mates into driders after a successful reproduction. Thus the father would go from being just another soldier, into being an exalted warrior, stronger and faster than ever before, as a reward for fathering a child for the clan.

Special Features

Driders and Golems are the hallmarks of the Beldrobbaen Clan, and shadow affinity appears to run fairly strong in their bloodlines.

Beldrobbaen children, if their families have enough money or political ties, are sometimes gifted with a guardian spider. These are spiders of about the same size and intelligence as a dog, and they serve as guardians for the children through the first dangerous years of their lives. They usually cling to the child's back, as they are fairly light.

Clan Colors

The Beldrobbaen Clan colors are Black and White.

Clan Animal

The Beldrobbaen clan animal.

The Beldrobbaen Clan animal is a giant spider.

Clan Troops

More information as it becomes available.