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The Dutan'vir clan symbol, a stone standing in a field.


The Dutan'vir were the second clan of drowussu in Chel'el'Sussoloth. Where the Kyorl'solenurn were extremist, religious fanatics and zealots of purity, the Dutan'vir were moderate, and valued honor above all things. Many Dutan'vir had some drowolath blood in their veins, and as such, halfbreeds found a home in this clan, where they were accepted for who and what they were. Halfbreeds were quite common within this clan.

One point of pride for the Dutan'vir was their great contribution to the Imperial Guard - they were by far the clan which provided the most men and women to guard the Val'Sharess. Being drowussu, they also held natural qualities like honor, loyalty and faithfulness, something which always less abundant among the drowolath. For these qualities in particular, the Dutan'vir were appreciated, and it made them valuable in the eyes of the Queen. For this, and many other reasons, the Dutan'vir were close to the Val'Sharen. Their Kyorl'solenurn brethren, on the other hand, despised them.

The downfall of the Dutan'vir was not a single event, nor did it happen all at once. It started during the experiments with controlled seeding of drow. Several Dutan'vir chose to follow this new path, others were inflicted with the curse of having a demon seed within them. Willingness was never a requirement to join the tainted, and it appears the Nidraa'chal were responsible for the subtle attacks which left these unlucky Dutan'vir tainted. At this point in time, the Nidraa'chal were still unknown, attacking the Dutan'vir from the shadows.

The Val'Sharess eventually made a move against the tainted, their affliction spreading through the city like wildfire. Unfortunately, her ire fell also on her faithful guardians, who took terrible offense at the moral insult the Queen had given them. Even though there were few deaths caused among the Dutan'vir from the Queen's actions, many members of the clan found it impossible to forgive her. One house broke free from the clan to join the Kyorl'solenurn over this issue. Their actions caused doubt among the remaining houses, and the Ilharess Sannindi'ligr's power over the subhouse leaders was lessened.

This is when the Nidraa'chal made their first open move, assassinating Sannindi'ligr. The clan fell along with its Ilharess, into chaos, as there were no longer an unifying presence holding it together.

Soon after this event, the Nidraa'chal war started in earnest, dragging the whole city with it. Seeing the Dutan'vir collapsing, the eldest son of a surviving loyal house took the blade of his fallen mother and rallied the others to his banner for a last desperate attempt to regain their honor and prove to all that they were still a power to be reckoned with. Destroying the Nidraa'chal would be proof of their power. This attempt failed, and the last leaders of the Dutan'vir fell with it, and the chance to keep the power of the Dutan'vir gathered was lost.

The clan shattered into pieces, massacred in the war. Their home was pillaged by various clans until there was nothing left.

16 years later, while most believe the annihilation of Dutan'vir to have been complete, there are rumours that at least two vals of Dutan'vir survived. One is known to be a gladiator at the Black Dragon Tavern, another was seen at the side of Quain'tana Val'Sarghress. If these two are indeed Dutan'vir, perhaps there are more of them out there, waiting for their chance to rally the survivors, raise their banners and regain their old glory.

The main branch of Dutan'vir vals all had the suffix 'ligr to their names, and this has since the war come to be an insult meaning "foolish in battle", reflecting their last battle which became an example of what -not- to do.


The Dutan'vir believed in honor and loyalty. Being more moderate than the Kyorl'solenurn, they kept open ties with the drowolath, and they took great pride in providing Val'Sharess Diva'ratrika with loyal, faithful guardians. Because of their open and prideful nature, the Dutan'vir were much closer to the Val'Sharen powers than their Kyorl'solenurn brethren, causing a great rift between the two drowussu clans.

Clan Members


  • Sannindi'ligr (deceased)

Other Important Figures

  • Overseer Mikilu('ligr)
  • Imperial Guard Sker('ligr)


  • Minka Sann'ligr
  • Storr Sann'ligr


  • Lem'ja - the Broken Stone (whose fallen leader's son rallied the last loyal houses in that fateful final charge.)
  • Les'wanre - the Grey Swan (defected to the Kyorl'solenurn after the Queen's Inquisition hit the Val'Dutan'vir.)

Clan Fortress

The Dutan'vir fortress was sacked and looted of anything of any possible value to anyone, leaving nothing behind.

Clan Traditions

Special Features

This clan had an inordinate amount of drowussu-drowolath halfbreeds, and many drowussu with some drowolath blood. This is attributed to the clan's close ties with their drowolath cousins.

Clan Colors

Rust-red browns, golden yellows, and a hint of green dominate the Dutan'vir outfits.

Clan Animal

File:Dutan'vir animal.jpg
The Dutan'vir clan animal.

The clan animal of the Dutan'vir was a stag.

Clan Troops