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The Illhar'dro clan symbol.


The Illhar'dro Clan is one of the oldest in the Underworld, its first recorded presence at approximately the year 500; about 350 years after the founding of Chel'el'Sussoloth. While it has one of, if not the, smallest presences in the city of all the Great Clans, the Illhar'dro clan is actually spread out across the underworld in a vast network. Estimates place the actual overall strength of the clan, in terms of manpower and wealth, at the greatest of all, but because of the diffused state, it is extremely difficult to get an accurate number from anything but the Clan's own records.

A great deal of the Illhar'dro strength comes from several different factors. By using a combination of diplomacy, tolerance, and trade, the Clan has kept on good standing with almost all Clans on the Council, in addition with many other peoples. Ties to the surface have allowed the Illhar'dro to bring goods into the Underworld that would otherwise never appear, securing them an economic niche which any attacker would be hard-pressed to justify; reducing the number of goods flowing into the city, and removing access to other rare goods completely, would be a heavy blow to the capital and serve to the detriment of all.

Additionally, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the Illhar'dro, as there is a great deal unknown about them. Their strength and capabilities, how quickly can they mass forces, or if they're even capable of doing so, and how much of an impact loss of trade from the Illhar'dro would harm the economy make this Clan particularly difficult to threaten. Adding in the exotic nature of the Clan's signature magic, Spellsinging, which is the source of a great deal of speculation, and most tacticians would balk at the idea of taking them on without more information.

An alternative Illhar'dro symbol.


The Illhar'dro clan is, simply, a clan of artists. Following their Goddess of Creation, the general Illhar'dro philosophy seems to be that everything is an art form, or can be, and striving to the excellence of that art is one of the highest callings one can attempt to achieve. To the Illhar'dro, those who are talented and produce works of art are honored, regardless of class. While the caste system certainly still exists, there is more potential for growth amongst the Illhar'dro than other clans.

Additionally, contact with a diverse range of cultures has given the Illhar'dro a greater sense of tolerance, and they are more likely to be neutral, or even kind, to other peoples. Though open and friendly, however, the Illhar'dro are careful to guard their secrets as it is truly their greatest defense. Even the technology is well-kept, and very little is known about their golems.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures



Clan Fortress

The Illhar'dro Clan fortress is described as a work of art, honoring the Illhar'dro Goddess of Creation. Crystals transfer the light from the city into the fortress through the walls, and everything about the fortress displays the great wealth available to the Clan in both its architecture and function. Even though there are only it is only lightly guarded, its location and difficulty to access, in addition to the Clans other general discouragements, have resulted in this fortress having never come under attack. The Illhar'dro fortress holds gardens both chaotic and surreal in their beauty. Well-cared for havens of greenery proudly displaying the clan's wealth as well as their skill in keeping surface plants alive down in the underworld.

Clan Traditions

Special Features

The Illhar'dro clan is renowned for its Spellsinging talent, a mysterious form of magic which is not fully understood by most of the drow population, resulting in a near-mythical reputation. Because it isn't well-understood, superstitious assumptions have been made about its capabilities and resistances. For example: The rumor that one can avoid the effects of a spellsong by covering your ears is false, as the effect touches the aura without needing contact with the listener's ears.

Another defining trait of the Illhar'dro are the pale blue eyes. While certainly such eyes are not restricted to this Clan, it is very noticable in this clan's numbers.

Clan Colors

The Illhar'dro Clan color scheme is blue, white, and silver.

The Illhar'dro clan animal.

Clan Animal

The Illhar'dro clan's animal is an exotic bird. Over the years, being underground has removed their ability to fly, but they are still used as mounts and 'working' animals, to pull carriages of important people.

Clan Troops

The Illhar'dro clan's troops are not known at this time.