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The Jaal'darya clan symbol.


The Jaal'darya clan came into being after the Sharess religion crumbled, as one of many cults arising at the time. They brought with them a new ideology and science, among this the ability to create life. This ability permitted them to go from being a small cult to becoming a clan in their own right, and it gave them influence with the major powers of Chel'el'Sussoloth. Their most revolutionary ability was the ability to create golems with a self-generated aura.

With the exception of the Vel'Vloz'ress, the Jaal'darya is the newest great clan of Chel'el'Sussoloth. Even after a hundred years and many wars that shook the foundations of the city itself, the Jaal'darya is still seen as a new outsider, a possible vector for great changes. This is partially due to the clan's reclusiveness, even their home is hidden from the eyes of most people.

The Jaal'darya possess no army, they are rarely seen, and none besides the founding members actually know how this clan was born. Even though some believe the Jaal'darya to be a myth, nevertheless they remain one of the nine great clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth. With no clear enemies beside the Kyorl'solenurn's animosity, and with many clans seeking their precious services, the clan grows quickly. They've kept themselves neutral in all the wars, showing other clans willing to exchange or buy their creations little or no favoritism.

The leader of the clan, Asira'malika, is known as the Seer, or the Prophet of the New Ways, for she makes no attempt at hiding her desire to change drow society as a whole, to forget the past, and even to discard the tainted threat as a minor problem. Many are attracted by these new ways, and the near mythical effect that the Jaal'darya is having on the newer generations, and thus they join the clan, increasing the number of clan members and houses. Yet compared to the Vel'Sharen and Val'Sarghress they remain few in number, for the clan is female only.

Lately their creations have begun to appear more frequently outside the walls of their home; creatures that defy logic, powered by self-sustaining auras, able to outlive golems and think on their own. Rumours arise, claiming the Jaal'darya now are able to reproduce without the need for males, something which would allow them to grow in number like never before. This is also viewed as a threat towards all male drow, if Asira'malika's views should become widely accepted.

The Jaal'darya creations can be seen in various places of Chel'el'Sussoloth, since the main source of trades for the vals of the clan is the creatures they make. While these traded/sold creatures are not part of the clan, they are often referred to as Jaal'darya, a common error that most vals of this clan are not likely to correct as some may see these creatures as their offspring. Because of this, the Jaal'darya may be the clan with the most unofficial members.


An alternative Jaal'darya symbol.

The Jaal'darya believe that males are an unnecessary part of society, merely a gene carrier at best, needed only for reproduction. And now, they may not even be needed for that. Whether they hate males, abhor them, disdain them or simply don't care to have them around, is different from one clanswoman to another.

No male may rest his eyes upon a Jaal'darya's skin without permission. Thus the clanswomen choose clothing that completely covers the skin, including a veil to cover their face, so that no male will sully them by so much as looking at them. If they are in the company of females only, they wear whatever they like.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures



  • Ah'lam - the Chimera

Clan Fortress

The home of the Jaal'darya is hidden from the eyes of curious drow, in the darkest region of Chel'el'Sussoloth there is a mysterious place guarded by creatures the world has not seen the likes of since the Moon Age wars. Beyond barriers, beyond defenses, and beyond a lake filled with unimaginable horrors, stand the clan's sanctuary, where most beings do not belong to any particular race.

Clan Traditions

There are no males in the Jaal'darya clan. If a Jaal'darya should be pregnant with a male child, she will have it changed to a female before it is born, or very soon after birth, through use of the clan's special brand of life sorcery.

Before, they would have to reproduce with males, but recently they have discovered how to cut the male out of the process completely.
When they used males to reproduce, what happened to the male afterwards varied as much as each clanswoman's individual stance on males. Some would kill the male after the deed was done, others would not.

Special Features

The Jaal'darya specialize in mana science and life sorcery. They create golems who have an aura of their own, as well as golems who use a symbiosis with the owner's aura to power themselves, and endow their wearer with special abilities. Those latter golems are inactive when they are not latched onto their user somehow. The biogolems created by the Jaal'darya are completely loyal to the clan, and a highly valued possession of the clan members.
Many of the symbiotic golems are aura-locked, responding only to one aura or a familiar strain of aura. Others may be used by anyone with an aura, although most are tuned to be usable by females only.

The Jaal'darya may also craft biogolems to become a part of themselves, adding a second set of arms, a decorative pair of wings, whatever else they may wish. This can also be achieved by other methods.

Clan Colors

The Jaal'darya favor bronze and copper colors.

Clan Animal

The Jaal'darya clan animal.

The multipurpose biogolems, every single one created to a particular set of specifics, the only facet they all share is an undying loyalty to the Jaal'darya clan. These creatures are unable to reproduce, thus preventing the birth of a new species.

Clan Troops