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((Nal'Sarkoth was the clan contest winner, made by ShadowOTM and QueenGodzilla. Their document was referenced heavily for this and concurrent pages.))

The Nal'Sarkoth clan symbol.


The Nal'Sarkoth were for the longest time a merchant clan, rich, if not particularily strong. Despite this lack of strength, they showed courage by expanding their trade routes all the way up to the surface, establishing connections and trade routes with other races. They never seemed to suffer attacks from the dwarves on their caravans, and brought with them near-forgotten items from the surface, as well as trading drow items to other races. At one point, another clan became jealous of the Nal'Sarkoth's wealth, and decided to take it for their own. They hit the Nal'Sarkoth clan home, but were unable to keep the merchant clan from fleeing, thus failing to capture and either kill or assimilate the clan into themselves. As the hostile clan looted the fortress, they were assaulted by traps of both mundane and magic origin, leaving the fortress in ruins and the invaders with very little to take home with them. Thinking that their opponents were out in the wilderness, starving and slowly becoming desperate, the invaders were not in a hurry. This was to be their downfall.

The clan, in its exile, made contact with several returning caravans, and the Ilharess used her wealth and the influence she had gained to bring in several mercenary forces, bolstering the clan's defenses. As the hostile clan attacked, thinking they were bound to win, they were assaulted by not only drow, but also by dwarves, orcs and humans. The Nal'Sarkoth allowed the survivors of the enemy clan's army to flee, but their commander stayed on the battleground, unwilling to face the punishment awaiting her at her return, preferring to become a slave for the Nal'Sarkoth.

With the weight of a hired army increasing the clan's strength, they were able to force a peace treaty, but now they had a few more immediate problems on their hands. Their fortress was lost, and they had a huge, but expensive, mercenary force to deal with, which they were now reliant upon. Were they to end the deal with the mercenaries they would soon be at the mercy of their past enemy again.

The clan chose a suitable location, and hired in dwarves to construct their new fortress, and started accepting surfacers into their ranks, to bolster their home forces. The mercenary companies could take time to reach Chel - maybe too long to help out in a possible conflict, and it was important for the Nal'Sarkoth to become less reliant on them. Thus they hired experienced weapon teachers, took in surfacers and started training their own army. Their caravans got back up and running, bring more wealth to the clan, allowing them to keep the mercenaries on a long-time contract, as well as to finish their new fortress. They have also worked hard to make allies among the clans of Chel'el'Sussoloth, to avoid history repeating itself.


An alternative Nal'Sarkoth symbol.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures



  • "Human house"
  • "Orc house"

Clan Fortress

The Nal'Sarkoth have recently moved into a new fortress. They chose a massive stone pillar in the center of one of the smaller caves near Chel'el'Sussoloth, and hired dwarves to do much of the construction work. During the construction period a walled fort was built around the pillar, this fort has later become permanent, and been reinforced with much stronger walls.

The inside of the fortress is designed to be confusing to strangers and possible invaders, making it more difficult to take the Nal'Sarkoth by force. On the outside, there are balconies along the walls of the pillar, as well as extensions on the lower levels, but the fortress itself is humble and unassuming.

Of particular notice is the Ilharess' chamber, decorated with wooden panels, and with a wood-paneled door to match, displaying the clan's wealth as well as their surface contacts. There is also a garden inside the fortress. Silent, peaceful and humble, the garden gives the visitor a sense of serenity, and it is very different from the vibrant chaotic nature of the Illhar'dro gardens.

Clan Traditions

The Nal'Sarkoth treat their slaves fairly well, they don't wish to create an uproar by their goblin members by mistreating their goblin slaves, and as such the slave quarters, while modest, are well kept and located far away from the compounds for the free goblin members of the clan. The clan has no dwarven slaves whatsoever, due to an agreement with the dwarves which keeps their caravans free of dwarf raids. Indeed, if the clan acquires dwarven slaves they are handed over to the dwarven ambassador within the clan.

Surface dwellers, namely humans and orcs, can be members of the clan - although everyone but the heads of house are considered low-ranked members of course. Each house has a drow overseer who works in cooperation with the head of house. The two major houses are the orc and human houses, there is a third "surfacer" house in which any other race may take up residence. This third house is run by drow, but accepts any race into their ranks. Surfacers who commit crimes face serious punishment, and even though they are members of the clan, going out into Chel'el'Sussoloth is a gamble. If they go into the city it is almost always in the company of a drow.

The clan has at all times one dwarven ambassador within their ranks, the dwarf in question is treated as a noble of the clan for the duration of her stay. (The dwarves choose a female to become ambassador for ease of negotiation with the matriarchial drow.) The dwarven ambassador never goes into the city.

Special Features

Due to the strong ties the Nal'Sarkoth have with other races, the clan has access to different weapons than those normally wielded by their fellow drow. Some of the weapons are quite inventive, and may look unwieldly for those unfamiliar with them. The clan also makes helmets with dark visors, to aid their caravan guards up on the surface, alleviating the glare of the surface sun.

Clan Colors

Green is the Nal'Sarkoth color of choice. It is expensive, manufactured from an ingredient found only on the surface, and serves as a way to flaunt their riches. Other colors include blue, gold and red.

Clan Animal

The Nal'Sarkoth clan animal.

The Haledri, an animal much like a bison or ox, is the Nal'Sarkoth clan animal. It is quite unusual in Chel and its surrounding areas, probably more known on the surface. Whether it is adapted to the underground, or an imported animal from the surface is unknown.

Clan Troops