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The Sarghress clan symbol.


What today constitutes the mighty Sarghress clan was once split into a multitude of mercenary companies, who were spread out across the world. These companies were united by Quain'tana, who then forced her way into the highest circles, becoming the Ilharess of a clan, making all these ruffians and commoners (in the eyes of the other clans) who had been mercenaries for the best parts of their lives, into nobles. It has been suggested that they had the support of the Sullisin'rune clan, yet the huge army under Quain'tana's command was an effective deterrent as well, making the other Val clans reluctant to oppose the Sarghress ascendance into clan status. In fact the army was second only to that of the Sharen clan.


An alternative Sarghress symbol.

The Sarghress believe in strength and martial prowess, although strength does not necessarily refer to physical strength.
Kor'maril, a man known for his short stature and weak wrists, has fought his way up into the high circles, making use of his iron will to carve a path for himself. His mental strength and the fact that he has overcome his physical shortcomings, make him a good example of what the Sarghress respect and admire.
Quain'tana herself fought against the life she had been born to, defying even the great clans themselves. This was not only done through physical strength, but through conviction and determination.
One downfall to the strong belief in martial prowess, is that the clan has neglected the use of magic, and there are much fewer skilled spellcasters among them than in other clans.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures



  • Mae'yukir
  • Niz'zre
  • Nori'fu
  • Tions
  • Yurun'hiir

Clan Fortress

The Val'Sarghress have taken an old dwarven fortress as their own. The fortress is almost a small town in its own right, self-reliant and located quite a distance from the city of Chel'el'Sussoloth. It is surrounded by a great wall to deter potential attackers, and also by farmlands - that is, lakes where algae are cultivated, and mushroom forests.

Clan Traditions

Special Features

Clan Colors

The Sarghress use several colors, although red seems to be predominant, in particular red is used as hair dye, most Sarghress seem to dye parts of their hair red. Other colors in use by the clan are purple, gold and blue. Armor may be dyed to indicate what battalion a person is in.

Clan Animal

The Sarghress clan animal.

The Sarghress clan animal is the wolf. The Sarghress wolves are large enough for drow to ride, and are used as mounts for high ranking nobles, Highland Raiders and of course the Wolf Fangs.

Clan Troops

Concept Art

A portrait of the Val'Sarghress clan fortress.