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The Sharen clan symbol.


The Sharen clan has existed for a millennium if not longer, participated in the building of Chel'el'Sussoloth, and ruled the city from its inception. The clan has held onto their position as ruling clan ever since, even past the time when the Sharess religion crumbled. They were targeted by the Nidraa'chal sixteen years ago; a renegade clan composed entirely of tainted, challenging the mighty royal clan directly. Diva'ratrika, the Val'Sharess of the entire city, and Ilharess of the Val'Sharen clan, held a council meeting but was not successful in gaining allies against this travesty of a clan. Even the Kyorl'solenurn - normally lethally opposed to anyone tainted - held back, staying out of the conflict.

The Val'Sharen suffered uncommonly large losses during the Nidraa'chal war, which raged for weeks inside the city. The Nidraa'chal broke the unspoken rules of war by bringing conflict into the city, killing nobles and commoners alike. Using tainted magic, they turned their enemies into allies, corrupted the mighty Sharen elendlari's summons and the whole war turned into a display of just how ineffective the old summoning techniques were compared to demonic summoning.

Once the fog of war lifted, the Sharen were the winners, but they had paid a heavy price. A large number of survivors had become tainted in the war, many to the point where they barely remained in control over the demon seed. Also, at a pivotal point in the war it seemed Sillice, Diva'ratrika's third daughter, had brought her bloodline to where Diva lived, intending to kill the Ilharess and take the throne for herself. Sillice massacred the guardians but the three sisters; Snadhya'runes, Sarv'swati and Zala'ess, stopped her before she reached the throne room and chased her off. After this, the Ilharess - who had always been somewhat of a hermit - stopped appearing in public, communicating to the outside world through her loyal daughters alone.

Shortly after the war the Sharen enlisted the cooperation of the Vel'Vloz'ress in making a new sort of armor, sealing armor, which would keep the demon seed of their tainted warriors in check. The ones who had not become tainted in the war were tainted in a ritual - the males were tainted so heavily they were barely able to keep their seeds in check, and this new armor was how the Sharen would keep their warriors in control while at the same time rendering them fearless and unable to feel pain. Only a select few who were either too powerful or able to resist, escaped tainting. The Sharen clan announced that it was now Vel'Sharen, and tainting became mandatory at the Ilharess' command.

It must be noted that the Nidraa'chal war was actually a cover up for a coup within the Sharen clan. This fact is NOT common knowledge, but is added here to tell the other side of the story. During the Nidraa'chal war, there was in fact an actual assassination attempt at the Val'Sharess' life. The massacre at the Val'Sharess' tower was performed by the three tainted sisters while the war raged outside. They were originally intending to kill Diva'ratrika, but instead sealed her within her throne chamber, making up the cover story that the Ilharess was suspicious of everyone and would from now on communicate only through them. Exactly what happened after this will remain unknown until the end of the Longest Wait.

The fact remains that Diva'ratrika had lead such a reclusive life noone disbelieved the sisters when they made their proclamation, even after they proclaimed that the Val'Sharen would become the Vel'Sharen. Tainting would be a "vaccination" against the Nidraa'chal war happening ever again. Everyone went back to their old lives, those who hadn't become tainted to the core anyway. Things remained much as they always were, the Val'Sharess a distant, if still revered figure in the Sharen life. And the three sisters' plans progressed in the shadows.


An alternative Sharen symbol.

The Sharen believe in the superiority of their bloodlines. Every Sharen is of noble blood, and the Sharen are loath to associate with commoners - this is one of the causes of the strain between the Sharen and the Sarghress. The Sharen have ruled Chel'el'Sussoloth for close to a millennium. They pride themselves on excelling in everything they can, to better show off the strength of their blood. They believe themselves better than everyone simply because they are; with access to better training, more powerful mounts, a hideous amount of money, and with time on their side - it would take an impressive enemy indeed to actually defeat them. Even with all that, they are now weaker than they have been in a long time, with the recent Nidraa'chal losses and new leadership (although unknown to the clan members) who seem intent on something much more sinister. Most of the Sharen would die for their Queen, and have strong feelings of loyalty to her, even though the majority have never seen her.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures

  • Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen - Second daughter of Diva'ratrika, commander of the Sharen army. Contender for the Sharen seat in the Ilharess' council.
  • Snadhya'runes Vel'Sharen - First daughter of Diva'ratrika, ruler of the Orthorbbae and unofficial leader of the clan, albeit in competition with her two sisters.
  • Zala'ess Vel'Sharen - Fifth daughter of Diva'ratrika, ambassador of the Sharen clan. Contender for the Sharen seat in the Ilharess' council.



Clan Fortress

The Sharen clan has a most impressive teal-colored fortress near the old temple section of Chel'el'Sussoloth, the fortress spanning several floors and home to more than a thousand people. The towering fortress is surrounded by a lower courtyard with several smaller buildings - among those the dragon stables - further the entire compound is surrounded by a massive wall with one huge gate where everyone seeking entry must come. From the gate a bridge across the lower courtyard leads to a smaller courtyard in front of the main doors into the fortress.

Clan Traditions

When a female Sharen is born, she is assigned a protector twin, a girl of the same age who was born as a commoner, and the two are raised together, given the same training and forced to stay together at all times. The protector twin is there as a bodyguard for the real twin, yet this tradition also serves a second purpose. At some point the twins get sick of being around eachother all the time, and the only way to get out of this predicament is for one to kill the other. Normally it is the true-blooded daughter who wins, proving the strength of her blood, as she and the protector both recieved the same training.
Only rarely does the protector twin win. Then, depending on the mother's whims, the protector twin may recieve the name and rank of the real twin, to take the failed daughter's place. More commonly the protector twin who kills the one she was meant to protect, is killed. The protector's life is always tied to the real twin's life, and failure to protect the real twin ends in death.
Even more rare are the occasions where the twins stay together, continuing their lives as a unit. Snadhya'runes is one of a very few Sharen who still has her twin, and up until the Nidraa'chal war Oiloss'lin and her protector twin were inseparable. These are the exceptions, rather than the norm.

Special Features

Everyone in the Sharen clan, except a VERY select few, are tainted. The males are tainted to the core, fearless, unable to feel pain, emotionless and without hesitation.

Tainting is done at a fairly young age, through a ritual concieved for this particular purpose. Nau'kheol was tainted when he started at the Orthorbbae, which means they may send their children through this ritual even before the age of 10, which is the customary age to start school.

Clan Colors

A few colors are common among the Sharen. Teal and black are the most common, although grey and blue are sometimes used. Most seem to have a broad belt in a dark teal color where the Sharen clan symbol - the nine moons - are set in red gemstones. The Royal bloodlines have certain colors which seem to figure in most of the bloodline's clothing. Snadhya'runes' color is purple, Sarv'swati's colors are dark blue and black, Sillice's color is ice blue, Nishi'kanta's colors are red and yellow, and Zala'ess' colors are black and dark teal.

Clan Animal

The Sharen clan animal.

Once great, winged, intelligent creatures, the dragons of today little resemble their ancestors. Life in the underground has left the dragons flightless, and a millennium of inbreeding with a severely restricted stock has reduced their intelligence to a mere ability to follow orders. The dragons, mighty and impressive, are the chosen mount of the Sharen clan.
Not every Sharen has a dragon, of course. Smaller drakelings, no doubt cousin to these great creatures, are used as pets. The dragons themselves are used for mounts for especially high-ranked Sharen, as well as for the Dragon Riders, one of the Sharen military units. The dragons are all kept in their special stables, and do not belong to any Sharen in particular.

To avoid the dragons being turned into tools usable against the Sharen army, the dragons are tainted. They have auras like the fae, thus it is important they recieve the same "vaccination" that renders the rest of the clan immune to possession by demons.

Clan Troops