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The Vloz'ress clan symbol.


The Vel’Vloz’ress clan can trace its roots to a low-key band of peaceful demon worshippers lead by Ven’nedia. Persecuted and disregarded by the majority of drow civilization for their beliefs, the group carried on quietly with their research and preparation on the edges of the treacherous Rift.

Life for the small group changed dramatically after adopting a girl of dubious origin from the wild. Introduced by Sene'kha, the child was deemed mentally unstable. Her name was Kharla'ggen.

An unfortunate turn of events lead to a close extermination of the future Vloz’ress. Only the frightening power of Kharla’ggen saved the survivors from complete annihilation at the hands of the Sharen. However, the carnage was still not at an end. Ven’nedia’s death at the hands of Kharla’ggen served to rid the last actively dissenting voice to the concept of Vloz’ress clanhood. From there, the band alarmingly pushed its way to clanhood under the guidance of Sene’kha. With Kharla’ggen as the figurehead leader, the other ruling clans had no choice but to acknowledge the Vel’Vloz’ress. Many attempts were made to topple the fledgling clan and their unsettling child Ilharess, all of which were completely unsuccessful.

The new clan thrived with the addition of numerous mercenaries, demon worshippers, and others sharing the beliefs of Sene’kha. Two years after the Nidraa’chal war, the Vloz’ress further cemented their position within Chel’el’Sussoloth by forming a public alliance with the Vel’Sharen. Under the banner of Kharla’ggen, they are a prominent force in Chel’el’Sussoloth.


An alternative Vloz'ress symbol.

Clan Members


Other Important Figures



Vloz'ress subhouses are more like gangs than real houses. Lead by a Nether summoner, the gang consists of herself, her soulseeker and however many scourges, berserkers and mercenaries she can keep under her power. Some gangs are large and have a lot of power, other gangs are small and can barely feed themselves.

Occasionally power struggles break out between the gangs, and it usually doesn't end until one of the two Nether summoners are dead. Some times, the losing summoner may end up as a servant to the winning summoner, and occasionally this can turn into a cooperation, which merges the two gangs into one. This generally lasts until the lesser of the two makes an attempt on the other's life.

Currently, the clan is still so young that the gangs are fairly similar, not having picked a particular niche and been able to hold it. Whenever someone gets a bright idea, the others copy it as best they are able.

Clan Fortress

Designed by the 'mad scientist' Kar'liir, the Vloz'ress home will leave a lasting impression on a visitor. The interior shares the outside mood- there are no maids to pick up the corpses of the maids.

The home of the Vloz'ress.

Clan Traditions

  • The Vel'Vloz'ress are known to take -anybody- into their ranks. There is little sembalance of civilty between the upper and lower classes. Their home reflects the clan's chaos, with dead bodies becoming almost a norm.
  • Avoiding Kharla'ggen is common sense.

Special Features

  • The Vloz'ress are known for their knowledge of demonic entities, especially in the way of summoning.
  • There are golems outside of the Ilharess' chamber, presumably for the atmosphere.
  • A giant doll of Ven'nedia, the former leader of the pre-Vloz'ress, hangs outside the gate. It is animated with the aura of Ven'nedia.
  • Kharla'ggen is infamous for creating Living dolls from her enemies, or anyone who catches her fancy.

Clan Colors

Red facial tattoos, reddish armor, and black robes are often sported by clan members, and orange hair-dye is very common.

Clan Animal

The Vloz'ress snake makes an impressive mount. The rider directs the creature by manipulating its long feelers.

The Vloz'ress clan animal.

Clan Troops