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Studio Drowtales has several artists as part of the official art staff, as well as a number of community artists that associate and/or collaborate with the studio. Many, but not all, are willing to accept art commissions. Below one can find relevant links to the art team and other prominent community artists.

Saturday Multistream

The studio has an informal multistream group for several artists, which can be found here. The multistream is currently scheduled for every Saturday, from 2PM EST to 5PM EST (7-10PM UTC). Individual artists may stream at other times.

Gaming Discord

In addition to the main Community Discord, the studio has a separate Discord server dedicated to gaming and gaming art, which can be found here.

Studio Artists

Yan “Kern” Gagné - Drowtales (Author, Line-art, Colourist)


  • Twitch Channel - On days Kern is streaming, these typically begin at around 3PM EST (8PM UTC) and generally last about two hours. Some days he streams games, most days he draws. Current pages (of which he does line art/colours), commissions, etc.
  • Picarto Channel - Kern formerly hosted the Saturday multistreams on this platform, but has since largely switched to Mixer due to ongoing technical issues with Picarto. This channel may see very limited further use for specific kinds of stream.
  • Mixer Channel

Mary “Kite” Garren - Drowtales (Shading, Backgrounds)


Nicolas “Darkvolt” Vergara - We Are Ferals


Rhonda “Tranquil” Patterson - Drowtales (Former Colourist), Daydream


Mary Regina - Daydream

Felix “Firefox” Novara - Relic Hunters, Daydream

Lunareth - Drowtales (Guest Pages), Daydream

Community Artists



Zuzana "Ssapdra" Nemcová