Asura'yasha Val'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                                     52       

Asura'yasha Val'Sharen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Asura'yasha Val'Sharen
Sponsored by: Dalvyserran, Guilty Carrion
Current Status
Machike Colonist
  • Affinity - Fire Sorcery
  • Golem Engineering
  • He dislikes being babied by his mother

Asura'yasha is a Vel'Sharen colonist living in Machike'Shikumo.

Appearance and Personality

Asura wears a red, sleeveless vest, brown slacks and red boots. Like his mother and most of Nishi'kanta's line, he sports yellow-dyed hair in a ponytail. He is known to carry a sour temperament, except when working on golem engineering.

Biography - Arc III

Asura is among the Machike'Shikumo colonists driving the Hermionne away. He and his mother Chigusa ride on her dragon Arkeo to scatter the Hermionne surrounding a massive cannon.[1] He takes a particular interest in the cannon itself, climbing on top of it and riding along with the cannon as his mother pushes it further away from Hermionne hands. He is later forced to run from the Nidraa'chal's stolen airship across the underworld, to faraway Sha'shi[2].

Notable Quotes

"We'll take it from here! Thanks for the gift!"[3] - Taunting the Hermionne forces as he helps capture the siege cannon.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 52.


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