Atric Sarghress

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Atric Sarghress
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Atric Sarghress
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Home Guard

A member of the Sarghress Home Guard assigned to guard the gate leading into the Sarghress defense perimeter.

Appearance and Personality

Atric is a drow of average height, with short, white spiky hair that is dyed red at the tips. He wears a blue tassel ornament from his hair, hanging from the right side of his face. His armor is the standard deep red of the Home Guard, with a black and white roaring wolf motif on the left shoulder. He enjoys a good joke, poking fun at the Highland Raiders when they passed through his gate.

Biography - Arc I

Atric was one of the guards assigned to the newly expanded outer defense perimeter, and greeted the squad that escorted Ariel Val'Sarghress home from her blood rite mission. He jokingly asked what brought Teb'ryn and her "sisters" to the gate, knowing there was at least one male squad member. When introduced to the Little Wolf, he commented that she didn't look like much, and was then reminded by Teb'ryn that Quain'tana didn't birth children full-sized, and to give Ariel time to grow. Atric admitted that that was true, and that Laele had also been considered a tiny thing but had quite a bite. [1]

Before continuing through the gate, Atric passed on news to the squad of the recent events, including the failed Sharen assault on the Sarghress fortress and the revelation of Sil'lice hiding amongst their ranks.

Notable Quotes

"Lae'le his said to have been a tiny thing too. But she had quite a bite, that girl! She'd chew a dragon's head off in her twenties." - To Teb'ryn, as they discuss Ariel and Lae'le.

"The Vels came knocking at home. Bearing the imperial symbol, no less! YOu might notice a few changes in decoration on your way in, hah." - To Teb'ryn, sharing news of recent events.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 30.