Banja'pyrex Val'Beldrobbaen

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Banja'pyrex Val'Beldrobbaen
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Banja'pyrex Val'Beldrobbaen
Race: Drider
Sponsored by: Farex
Current Status
Guardian of Waes'soloth
  • Collects helmets as trophies.
  • Pyrophobic.

Banja'pyrex is a maternalistic drider guardian of Waes'soloth.

Appearance & Personality

Banja'pyrex is a large and imposing figure, befitting her status as a Nel'kasaider-type drider. She has blue eyes and raven hair styled into a side plait. Despite her physical form, she is quite gentle and maternal, a throwback to the older days of the Beldrobbaen. She is especially fond of the domesticated spiders of the Beldrobbaen, treating them much like children. That said, her gentle nature belies a fiercely protective streak, and she can be quite violent should the need arise.

Biography - Arc II

Gathering of the Clans, 1114 MA

Banja'pyrex was first seen escorting the carriage of her Ill'haress as Waes'soloth prepared to attend the Sarghress-run gathering of the clans. She inadvertently saved the the demonic remnant of Naal as the latter was pursued by a group of corrupt Sarghress soldiers mugging passerby. Unaware of the demon's nature, she placed herself in front of the Sarghress ruffians and threw her spear into the ground with sufficient force to pierce the stone below.[1]

As Naal escaped, Banja'pyrex grimly stood down while Waes'soloth dealt with the disturbance personally, throwing the soldiers aside with her potent high sorcery. Following the incident, Banja'pyrex continued to guard her lady as the gathering progressed.[2]

Biography - Arc III

Mimaneid Ambush

Three years later, Banja'pyrex was serving as an escort for an Alliance delegation traveling to Felde.[3] The delegation came under Mimaneid attack, with the Beldrobbaen representative slain by a warrior of the Kavahini tribe before any could react. Though she attempted to avenge her fallen charge, the killer took to the air and evaded her spear. As the Mimaneid began to overwhelm the delegation, Oiloss'lin opened a nether gate, successfully forcing the attackers to fall back. The threat gone for the time being, Banja'pyrex turned to aid a fellow Beldrobbaen to her feet, the Guard having been thrown from her mount during the skirmish.

Notable Quotes

"You've done it now. My lady is annoyed. You should have contained your darkness better."[4] -To a group of Sarghress ruffians.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 50.


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