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Chakri Kavahini

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Chakri Kavahini
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Chakri Kavahini
Race: Demon
Current Status
Demon Host

Chakri was a brash Kavahini warrior and and ally of both Mikilu and Ariel. She was slain by Sarghress forces during the second battle of Felde and her body now serves as a host for a nether demon.

Appearance & Personality

Chakri is a tall and lithe Mimian drowolath with grey eyes, long white hair, and brown highlights. She is brash, belligerent, and mildly xenophobic; traits quite common among her people. She wears the brown owl-like robes and facepaint of her people and wields a metal-shod quarterstaff in combat.

Biography - Arc II

Mimaneid Preparations

Chakri first appears at Mimaneid, as the Kavahini prepare to mount an assault upon Snadhya'rune's holdings in Felde. Irritated by the presence of outsiders, she spits at Chess'riia and challengs her to a duel, prompting the Chelian to draw her blade. However, Diva soon informs Chess'riia that steel is not used in Mimian duels, as they use mana arts to resolve conflicts non-lethally. However, their match is quickly interrupted by Kadara, who punches Chakri in the stomach and issues a challenge of her own.

Assault on Felde

She next appears as part of the Mimaneid force striking against Snadhya'rune's forces in Felde. Upon entering the compound, she bypasses a surprised Ynda to continue further into the fortress. She soon encounters Ariel and company as they recover from traumatic events moments earlier at Kalki's hands, but is promptly driven away by Lulianne. Despite these obstacles, she is eventually able to link up with Mikilu and Myridil. The trio reach Snadhya'rune and manage to overpower her escort, with Chakri personally incapacitating Tanavya with a sharp blow the head.

As the trio engage the eldest daughter, her guardians soon recover. Myridil is brought down by an attack from Jiaan as Chakri struggles to destroy the rapidly growing swarm of summons. While the Kavahini warriors are unable to get past Snadhya'rune's defenses, the battle is enough of a distraction to allow Erelice to sneak up on the Sharen matriarch. Having been grievously wounded by the sneak-attack, Snadhya'rune enters a blind fury. Though Chakri and Mikilu manage to escape, Myridil is crushed to death by Snadhya'rune's powerful summons.

Biography - Arc III

The Counterattack

Three years after the conclusion of The District War, Chakri led a group of Mimians assassins to harass an Alliance delegation not far from Felde. She and her fellow Kavahini murder several Chelian Vals, before being chased off by Oiloss'lin's nether summoning. She recovered one of her clanmates from Ariel and runaway colonists, leaving them with a warning to prove themselves seperate from the violent Chelian clans who now openly war with Mimaneid. Chakri is later seen briefly landing on the stolen airship to acknowledge Ariel's success in capturing it.

Notable Quotes

"<You stink and you look funny in those colors.>"[1] -Allegedly to Chess'riia, as translated by Diva.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 53.


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