Chapter 29 - Vanaheimr

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Moonless Age chapter
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Chirinide, Shan'naal and the elf refugees reach the mana forest of Vanaheimr, where they discover the darker side of the Vanir.


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Portrait Aki.png
Aki was a surface vanir captured by agents of the Halme kingdom of Nagyescsed, imprisoned for later use by the King and Queen in a blood sacrifice.
Portrait Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
A young Val'Kyorl'solenurn warden that lives to serve in the name of Sharess and the clan, but is often caught between the conflict of upbringing and the truth.
Portrait Freyja van Niroenir.png
Frey'ja is a young light elf noble that befriends Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn on her exploration of the surface.
Portrait Freyr van Niroenir.png
Freyr is a young light elf noble that at first stalks Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn and her group during their journey to Vanaheimr, in order to find his lost sister Freyja van Niroenir, but later befriends them.
Portrait Mazo.png
Portrait Myou Kyorl'solenurn.png
A female member of the Order of Serenity and Chirinide's and Shan's travel companion.
Portrait Se'tewa Kyorl'solenurn.png
Se'tewa is a kindly resident of the Kyorl'solenurn temple outpost on the surface.
Portrait Shan'naal Kyorl'solenurn.png
Shan is a templar who loyally serves warden Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn.
Portrait Synos van Niroenir.png
Portrait Vala Hudr.png
Hudr of House Trehar is the Vala--a kind of queen--of Vanaheimr and a seer, though she has no political power on her own without a king.