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Chapter 33 - Refuge of the West

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Refuge of the West
Moonless Age chapter
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Fifteen years later. A civil war ignites in Nuqrah'shareh, brought on by a food shortage. The Nidraa'chal begin to show their hand.


Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3


Unsorted WIP

Portrait Agneya'mukhi Val'Balvhakara.png
The frail matriarch whose passions extend beyond golem engineering, into the field of war.
Portrait Balsii Val'Illhar'dro.png
The formal leader of Nuqrah'shareh for 31 years and Nega'fanea's cousin. She has grown tired of foreigners tearing her city apart and has waged a civil war against Illhar'dro loyal to her relative.
Portrait Ishii Val'Illhar'dro.png
Portrait Kys'sea Vloz'ress.png
Kys'sea is the daughter Nyo'ka, a Vloz'ress nether summoner.
Portrait Layani Vajdya Val'Illhar'dro.png
Portrait Nega'fanea Val'Illhar'dro.png
Illharess and the Fourth Queen of the great Illhar’dro, Nega'fanea oversees an expansive mercantile empire that appears to be cracking under the pressure of being spread too thin.
Portrait Perl.png
Perl is a Ssu slave of Yafein Val'Sullisin'rune, seen hanging off of him during the Factionists' attack on the Illhar'dro's Palace island.
Portrait Quian Jie'yen.png
The Jie'yen ambassador held hostage during the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War.
Portrait Rei'shiid Recherrai Val'Illhar'dro.png
Portrait Sandaur'recherai Val'Illhar'dro.png
Sandaur'recherrai was a combat instructor for Orthorbbae and for students of Nuqrah'shareh.
Portrait Shodun Val'Illhar'dro.png
Shodun, a soldier of the Val'Illhar'dro clan, is a tainted Nidraa'chal operative working undercover in Nuqrah'shareh.
Portrait Shen'fya Val'Illhar'dro.png
Portrait Sorane'saniil Val'Illhar'dro.png
Sorane is a feminine young boy with a love of female fashions, and often dresses like the greater sex.
Portrait Tamiir Vloz'ress.png
Tamiir is the son of Nyo'ka, a Vloz'ress nether summoner.
Portrait Yafein Val'Sullisin'rune.png
Yafein is a young Sullisin'rune with a superiority complex and a love of light skinned slaves.