Chapter 4 - Fight For Me

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Fight For Me
Moonless Age chapter
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Chapter 4 continues Ariel's efforts to find allies for upcoming attack on Mir'kiin. After being lead to the Black Dragon Tavern by her new slave, she explores her options for hiring a fighting slave.


The Black Dragon

The Chapter opens with a narration of the Black Dragon by one of its enslaved gladiators, Minka. He bitterly noted the establishments vile experiments and callous cruelty in the name of entertainment, as well as its strong ties to the Vel'Sharen through its main business of breeding dragons. Among the many other slaves seen fighting in the pits are the Vaelia and Discordia.

Purchasing Vaelia

As Ariel and Faen continued their search for a warrior to aid in Ariel's quest to defeat Mir'kiin, Liriel led the group to the Black Dragon to purchase one of the many gladiator slaves. Faen soon purchased an Emberi slave-gladiator that she and Ariel had seen in a recent bout in the pits, though at the cost of much of her remaining allowance. While grateful, Ariel expressed some surprise at Faen's wealth. However, Faen replied that slaves were relatively cheap by the standards Vals, noting it was the upkeep and care of slaves that was the true expense. Dampening their cheer, Liriel noted that the slave's injuries, while allowing her to be purchased at great discount, would prevent her from being fit for combat for some time.[1]

Ariel and Faen quickly dismissed the warning, as they believed the slave to be a warrior-princess from the Overworld and more than a match for any potential escort Mir'kiin might have. Disgusted by their naivety, Liriel informed young Val children that such a background was utter nonsense; made up by the announcer for the sake of entertainment. While she expressed contempt for the quality of Vloz'ress mercenaries, Lirel remained firm in her belief that Vaelia would be unable to match them in her present condition.

As Ariel expressed her frustration that Mir'kiin would warrent an escort when she did not, Liriel simply commented Ariel was likely a member of a minor house and not considered important enough to the clan to warrant protection. Angrily, Ariel declared her status as a Val of the Sarghress, daughter to Quain'tana herself. Amused and acting rather uncharacteristically, Liriel noted that only confirmed her suspicions regarding Ariel's worth to her clan. Her pride wounded, Ariel was comforted by Faen, who remarked that she would have borrowed money from Yafein had he remained present. Ariel bitterly noted his repeated absences when she needed him most. As Liriel downed a generous pint of beer and returned to her normal cheerful self, Ariel wondered just what kind of slave she was.


Main Characters

Portrait Ariel Val'Sarghress arc1.png
Ariel is a young girl that is trying to live up to her mother's high expectations.
Portrait Vaelia.png
Vaelia is an Emberi slave that is forced to fight in the arena at the Black Dragon Tavern. She is purchased by Ariel.
Portrait Rikshakar.png
Rikshakar is a half-dragon gladiator that Ariel hopes to hire.

Other Supporting Characters

Portrait Minka Sann'ligr Val'Dutan'vir.png
Minka is an ex-Val'Dutan'vir that was captured and forced to fight as a gladiator.
Portrait Liriel.png
Liriel is a strange, drunken slave that has declared Ariel and Faen as her masters.
Portrait Faen'arae Val'Sullisin'rune arc1.png
Faen is Ariel's best friend. She follows Ariel to the arena to help her find a fighting slave to hire.
Portrait Discordia.png
Discordia is a shard of a powerful demon. She is currently being used as a gladiator at the Black Dragon.
Portrait Lady Irena.png
Lady Irena is the manager of the Black Dragon Tavern.
Portrait Jergio.png
Jergio is one of Lady Irena's guards.
Portrait Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn.png
Chirinide is a young Val'Kyorl'solenurn warden that is seeking a holy purpose.
Portrait Yuleaer Val'Sullisin'rune.png
Yulear is Faen's escort that brings her back to school.
Portrait Jer'kol Sarghress.png
Jer'kol is a Sarghress soldier that claims to be Ariel's father, but seems to have suspicious ulterior motives.
Portrait Kor'maril Niz'zre Sarghress.png
Kor'maril is a high-ranking Sarghress commander that comes to Ariel's rescue.

This article reflects events up to chapter 4.


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