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Appeared in chapters                         24* 25*       32                           
Appeared in side stories A Small Discovery , Island of Sea and Sky

Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Chu
Race: Locust
Current Status
  • Crude Mana Manipulation

Chu was a Locust Queen recused by Vaelia during the extermination of its Hive, after which it bonded with her and aided her in her travels.

Appearance & Personality

Chu is a small Locust Queen with pale green eyes. She has short brown hair drawn into a crude ponytail and wears a simple white dress sewn together roughly with basic materials. Like all locusts, she has limited intelligence and is largely incapable of speech, but she is able to understand and show a level of gratitude toward those that show her kindness. She also shows a great level of concern for her eggs.

Chu activates the door mechanism of the storage depot with her crue mana arts.[1]

Biography - Arc I

Chu first appears shortly after Vaelia's induction into the Highland Raiders. Two days after departing from Machike, the Raiders find of their storage depots completely overrun by Locusts and begin to exterminate the hive with fire sorcery.[2] In the ensuing destruction, Vaelia notices the locusts' attempts to protect the small dirt mound in which Chu was taking refuge. As Kai'to notes the large size of her find, he prepares to kill Chu as part of the extermination, but is prevented from doing so by Vaelia, who throws herself on top of the "Earth Spirit" to protect it.[3] This act irritates Kai'to and his fellow raiders, who consider it foolishness. As some of the raiders resent the inclusion of a goblin in their ranks, Vaelia is locked in the depot as punishment, as she would be unable to activate the door mechanism without the use of mana.[4] As Vaelia attempts to locate an alternate exit, Chu returns with a large egg, and Vaelia delicately places the small creature in one of her pockets for its safety. As Vaelia struggles futilely to pry the doors open, Chu notices the door mechanism and activates it with mana, greatly surprising Vaelia and freeing them both. Returning with her new companion to the raiders as a Iwan prepares to lead a small team to Emberi islands, Vaelia volunteers to serve as a translator for the expedition.[5]

Chu's descendants thrive alongside the growing colony of Machike.[6]


Chu's bond with Vaelia would ultimately secure the future of her hive. As time passed, her descendants would continue to accompany Vaelia and her own children, who viewed the creatures as Earth Spirits due respect and protection.[7] In return, the hive would aid Vaelia in their own ways, primarily with their crude mana manipulation. Without their help, Vaelia would have been unable to remain a functional member of the Raiders.[8] In time, as Vaelia helped establish a multiracial surface settlement above Machike, the locusts would come to be considered a useful and welcome part of the fae-goblin community, even being allowed to develop hives and burrows within the the town itself.[9]

Notable Quotes

"Chu!"[10] - Her limited vocalizations earn her name from Vaelia.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 52.


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