Dan'suun Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                                      53 54    

Dan'suun Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Dan'suun Kyorl'solenurn
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: Firewalker
Current Status
Colony Resident
  • Aspires to become a Warden

Dan'suun is a Kyorl'solenurn colonist living in Shikomei.

Appearance & Personality

Dan'suun is a petite female drowussu with pale blue eyes. She wears her cream-coloured hair short and unstyled. She wears a simple white dress with purple trim. She is a meek and timid individual, though generally upbeat.

Biography - Arc III

Dan'suun first appeared in the Upper Shikomei colony of the Kyorl'solenurn clan, attempting to use her sorcery to alleviate Chiri's heavy fever.[1] She later reveals to her that she is pregnant, and that if she stays on the surface, her baby will be a light elf. However, Dan'suun adds that the topic of vanir colonyborn is still very taboo among the Kyorl'solenurn and that there may be some difficulty in raising one.

Notable Quotes

" "[2]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 53.


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