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Dariya'ko is a Beldrobbaen/Sharen colony close to the surface in the mist sea, being used by the Sharen as a training camp for their slave army.


Dariya'ko serves the Vel'Sharen as both a foothold in the overworld and a penal colony to send criminals and slaves. It is located immediately south of where Chel'el'Sussoloth would be, in a rocky valley area heavy with mist--the main mode of travel between the upper and lower reaches is by mana-powered lifts. Similar to Machike, Dariya'ko has an underworld half and surface half. Due to its proximity to Chel and Machike, Dariya'ko is subjected to attacks by Sarghress forces.


The majority of the penal colony's inhabitants are citizens and criminals from Chel, sent to work for the Vel'Sharen as indentured slaves. Along with the presence of Sharen troops, Earth tribe Black Sun allies of Sarv'swati's patrol the surrounding area and police the slaves. The facility environment is outright oppressive, with some of the slaves formerly being citizens who were falsely led to believe the colony was habitable.

During the district war between the Sharen and Sarghress, Dariya'ko fell under siege by Sarghress forces led by Quain'tana after a group of Highland Raiders sabotaged the penal colony's defenses and freed its slave population.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 42.