Dath'lyn Mae'dralen

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This page is not verified canon. It is intended for supplemental reference only.

Dath'lyn Mae'dralen
Supplemental Content character
Portrait of Dath'lyn Mae'dralen
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Vlashrod
Current Status
Feldian Merchant
  • Artist

Dath'lyn is a Feldian merchant of the Mae'dralen clan and Nehleanee's mate.

Appearance & Personality

Dath'lyn is a tall and well-built drowolath with long grey hair and bronze eyes. He styles his hair back in a group of thick braids and dresses in a fine grey tunic. He is a confident and somewhat brash individual, and prone to showing off. He shares a close bond with his mate and daughter.


Dath'lyn has not yet appeared in Moonless Age.

Notable Quotes

"Hmmm. The butt is not big enough." - Assessing his art.

Character Concept