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Dra'jyal Kal'yantra
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Dra'jyal Kal'yantra Portrait for arc1
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Golem Engineer
  • Metal sorcery

Dra'jyal was one of Ariel's classmates in Orthorbbae. He now works for the Val'Sarghress as a combat engineer.

Appearance & Personality

Dra'jyal is a short drowolath male with tan hair and pale golden eyes. He wears his hair in a loose ponytail, bound with tight braids. As a child, he dressed in simple brown robes over a grey tunic. He was a meek and timid child, though quite curious and eager to learn.

Biography - Arc I

First Year at Orthorbbae

Dra'jyal first appears as one of the students arriving to Orthorbbae during Ariel's first year at the school. He arrives later than the other children, exhausted and dirty, as the vehicle he was traveling in had broken down. Dude, a deurgar engineer of the Kal'yantra clan, stayed behind to repair it. He then enters with the rest of the class and listens as Kel'noz's instructs the class on the school's workings. Their first lesson is how to successfully power their keystones, a task that causes Dra'jyal to overexert his mana and pass out. After recovering, he nervously begins learning how to activate a floater, a task that nearly exhausts him yet again.

The next day, the students attends a class on basic mana arts, under the instruction of Master Soleam'ji. He asks a question regarding the similarity of certain elements, prompting an approving lecture from the experienced teacher. Afterwards, the students are tested for their potential elemental affinities. Dra'jyal's is quickly discovered to have an affinity for the element of metal. The rest of the day's classes pass uneventfully.

The third day's classes begin with their introduction to combat training, under Master Sandaur.Sandaur begins with a live demonstration against a captive orc, quickly bringing the creature down with a low blow to the groin. After further simple training exercises, the students are assigned to pair up for sparring, and Dra'jyal matches himself with Sorane. Their match concludes uneventfully, and a weary Dra'jyal departs for his quarters.

Notable Quotes

"Master Soleam, isn't water and ice the same element, as is light and darkness?"[1] - Expressing a thoughtful curiosity as a student.

Dra'jyal discovers his affinity for the metal element.

This article reflects events up to chapter 2.


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