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Adult dragons are fearsome predators.

Dragons are species of large reptilian fae sharing distant common ancestry with the Drow.[1] Like the Drow, they are native to the surface, but have emigrated to the Underworld in the aftermath of the devastating surface wars. Selective breeding has resulted in a great diversity in breeds, each designed for specific traits and abilities. Though dragons formerly possessed wings and were capable of flight[2], all underworld dragons have lost these (save occasional vestigial examples, as can be seen on Cahal). Modern Underworld dragons are as well-adapted to their environment as the various drow races. Properly trained, they are fearsome mounts and a symbol of wealth and prestige. Sharen war-dragons are one of the premier symbols of Sharen might and authority, as are the smaller Nuwa variety displayed proudly on the Jie'yen clan's crest.


Key Points

  • Sharen variety dragons have large and long reptilian bodies, with powerful jaws and tails, but have their stunted wings cut off at a young age. The wild Nuwa variety in particular utilizes thumbs on its wings to grab and hold items[3].
  • Dragon skin color is highly variable, with shades of grey, green, brown, and even white. Nuwa dragons possess unique glowing scales along its spine and underside.
  • Dragon eye color is similarly variable, sharing many of the same potential eye colors as Drow.
  • Dragons have horns of varying size and frequently possess prominent crests.
  • Intelligence varies by species and location. Sharen dragons lack the intelligence of the smaller Nuwa dragon, but make up for it in sheer power and ferocity. The surface-dwelling Nuwa dragon is lithe and quick--making it a constant nuisance to travelers looking to keep their valuables.


Key Points

  • As a fae species, Dragons possess auras and are capable of possessing an affinity[4]. Similarly, they are as vulnerable to demonic possession and tainting as the Drow races.
  • Dragons are an egg-laying species, with young hatching well developed and self-sufficient.[5]
  • As befits their size, Dragons consume a relatively large amount of food, making them expensive to breed and retain. Most are carnivorous, but some have been bred to be omnivorous.
  • Dragons have a limited capacity to verbalize basic words.[6]


Though beasts, dragons are quite intelligent and possess individual personalities. With proper training, they can be taught to understand vocal commands and are well suited to serving as mounts, a fact the Sharen readily exploit.

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