Dycle Tei'kaliath

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Appeared in chapters                                             44           

Dycle Tei'kaliath
Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Dycle Tei'kaliath
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: laserkid
Current Status
  • Empathy

A Tei'kaliath male looking for a mate.

Appearance and Personality

Dycle is looking for a mate and to that end, he wears revealing and ultimately impractical grey armor. He wears a cape over it and also has a jewelled headpiece.


He and Araa'toskr were witnessed by Ash'mita and Aba'della discussing something with Snad before the three were interrupted by Kiel. After the airship arrives, he states that he’d love to see the Mimian's tree being bombarded from above. After Jiaan was shown to Snadhya'runes Vel'Sharen, she asks Dycle to fight Jiann, promising Dycle that she would allow him to court her if he kills Jiann. Dycle was unable to subdue Jiaan with empathy, lost the fight and died.

Notable Quotes

"Courting, my lady. I only expressed the desire to court one as beautiful and smart as you." - Speaking to Snadhya'rune

Character Concept

Outside of Moonless Age

Though not part of recognized Moonless Age canon, Dycle was a player character in Path to Power, and more information can be found in the [Path to Power wiki].

This article reflects events up to chapter 44.