Eiri'an Val'Illhar'dro

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Appeared in chapters                                                          57

Eiri'an Val'Illhar'dro
Moonless Age Cameo Character
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Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: blueandsilvercross
Current Status
Coalition Soldier

Eiri'an is an Illhar'dro soldier serving in the Sarghress-Imperial coalition.

Appearance & Personality

Eiri'an is a short male drowolath with an athletic build and purple eyes. He has wavy white hair left relatively unstyled, and sports a number of loop earrings. He wears an unusually vivid pair of teal boots that stands out amongst his otherwise unremarkable armor. He also prefers to wear his heavy cloak around his elbows in a manner reminiscent of a dress, drawing further attention.

He is a confident and flirtatious individual, with a playfully smug demeanor that invites response. He has tendencies towards thrill-seeking, rushing headlong into combat with gusto and bravado. This tendency at times results in losing himself in the moment, allowing him to be caught off-guard by sudden developments in his vicinity that he had previously overlooked.

Biography - Arc III

Notable Quotes

" "[1]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 57.


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