Eris'ea Kyorl'solenurn

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Appeared in chapters                                                      53 54     

Eris'ea Kyorl'solenurn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Eris'ea Kyorl'solenurn
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: Vlashrod
Current Status
Dawmere Handler
  • Affinity - Air Sorcery

Eris'ea is a dawmere handler, living in Shikomei.

Appearance & Personality

Eris'ea is a female drowussu with a thin build and silver eyes. She has brown hair that she wears long, and dresses in relatively plain white and grey clothing. She has a strong love of dawmeres and storytelling. Though she usually prefers to work alone, she has a weakness for cute templars and tries to ensure they remain nearby. As befits a member of the Order of Serenity, she is a follower of Anahid's doctrine of peace and forgiveness, favouring a stance of protection rather than the more hardline stance favoured by the Kyorl'solenurn in the past.

Biography - Arc III

Eris'sea attended Chirinide's Union ceremony, offering one of her white unicorn dawmere as the ceremonial mount to bring the bride in[1]. Later, during the Sarghress attack on the colony, she and her dawmere herd are trapped by prowling wolves[2].

Notable Quotes

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Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 53.


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