Erusa'kel Nal'sarkoth

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Erusa'kel Nal'sarkoth
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Erusa'kel Nal'sarkoth
Sponsored by: Emperial
Current Status
Nidra'chaal agent
  • Tax collector
  • Being creepy
  • Former fling with Chime
  • Obsession with fruit
  • Maintains a collection of blades

A Nal'sarkoth tax collector and Nidraa'chal agent of Snadhya'rune.

Appearance and Personality

Erusa'kel is a slight male tainted drowolath with short brown and green hair. Though outwardly civil and polite, his demeanor betrays a smoldering anger; an anger he is all too eager to express violently.

Biography - Arc II

Felde Gathering

Erusa'kel is first seen working as a sort of concierge at Snadhya'runes Vel'Sharen's gathering in Felde, inspecting guests invitations and directing them throughout the compound. He welcoms Mel'arnach Val'Sarghress and Khaless to the party, personally escorting them to Snadhya'rune before returning to his other duties. He later notices Chrys'tel's lack of an invitation and promptly ejects her from the main chambers. He also assists Ynda climbing back up after she is thrown from the building by Sara. As the Kavahini begin their assault, he informs his mistress of details regarding the incursion and the guest response, before being dismissed to return to his other duties.

Mission to Chel

Several days later, he tracks Ilivafay back to Chel, at the behest of his mistress. Having been merged with his seed, he politely addresses the Sullisin spy with outwardly helpful intentions. Though she attempts to discern his intentions with emapthy, she is unable to do so; a result of either his innate sociopathy or his merging. Unaware of the danger, Ilivafay allows him to approach her, whereupon he firmly grasps her by the mouth and unceremoniously guts her with one of his many large knives. Spitting upon her and expressing a hatred of emapths, he calmly walks off and leaves her to bleed to death on the streets.

Eight days later, he is encountered at Snadhya'rune's tower by the besieging Sarghress forces, calmly mocking them for their delay. Shortly thereafter, he is given over to Sil'lice, who attempts to torture him for information regarding Snadhya'rune's location, to which he gives little response. Chrys'tel offers to spare his life in return for samples of the cure, at which point his stoic demeanor cracks and he erupts into laughter, grimly mocking his enemies for their own destruction of the very cure they sought. His ultimate fate is left uncertain.

Notable Quotes

"Your invitation, please." -An implied threat, to uninvited guests.

"Are you sure you can make it back home safely? With what happened earlier, who knows what dangers await." -Shortly before executing Ilivafay.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 50.