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This page features a list of frequently asked questions about cameo characters in Moonless Age. Though other Drowtales comics may offer cameo roles, this guide pertains specifically to Moonless Age and its associated side stories.

What is a cameo?

A cameo is a form of commission in which a character that is designed and paid for by a community member is featured in the main comic. They are drawn into the Moonless Age story in a given support role, replacing the otherwise nameless characters that would only appear for a scene or two.

What is included in a cameo order?

A cameo is guaranteed all of the following:

  • One full page exposure in the comic
  • One close-up
  • A chance to speak and interact with the main cast

Cameo characters often receive more attention than this baseline, but how much they do is dependent on how well the character fits into the story, how strong a need there is for their particular role, how interesting the character is, and whether or not the character is allowed to be killed on screen. (See: Can a cameo die?)

For an additional price, sponsors can choose to order a full concept art of their character. If they choose this option, they will have the chance to approve the character's overall design before he or she is written into the story.

How much control do sponsors have?

When ordering a cameo, sponsors provide the following:

  • Name and clan/faction
  • Profession
  • Race
  • Preferred weapon/gear
  • Magical affinity
  • A few personality traits
  • Physical description or reference picture

Any additional information is not guaranteed to influence the character's appearance in the story. The author ultimately reserves the right modify characters as needed to fit into the Drowtales world setting.

Sponsors do not get to choose what happens to their character in the story most of the time, but they can choose whether or not their character is allowed to die. (See: Can a cameo die?)

Instances where a sponsor gets to choose what their cameo will do in the story are infrequent and the choices available are usually non-specific like which faction is a character more likely to be loyal to.

What roles can cameos take?

Specific submission requirements and limitations are dependent on the needs of the story. At the start of production for each chapter, the featured clans and required roles will be posted when cameo orders are opened. These roles are described generally when a cameo roll call is made. What role a cameo may specifically play will depend on the both story needs and how well the cameo fits those needs.

Can a cameo die?

Sponsors are allowed to choose whether or not their cameo character can die or be mortally wounded. The author will honor this decision, but characters that are "mortal" (can be killed) are more likely to have a larger role.

Characters that are not mortal can still be wounded or left in uncertain situations, but their death will never be explicitly shown or spoken of.

What is an extra?

For Chapter 41, sponsors also have the option of ordering a cheaper "Extra" role. This role does not give speaking lines or interaction with the main cast, but it does include a flat-colored shoulder-up portrait.[1] A similar arrangement was possible for Chapter 50, where a single sponsor can have multiple cameos, where they elect to have one as their main cameo and other cameos as having minor roles.[2]

How can I tell if a character is a cameo?

Kern has started to tag pages featuring cameo characters with their name and a link to their concept art. For pages that do not feature these tags or for more information on existing cameo characters, see the List of Cameo Characters.

How do I order a cameo?

A limited number of cameo roles are offered at the start of production on each chapter. Announcements regarding cameo availability and purchasing information will be posted on the News blog. You will need a Paypal account or a credit/debit card.

News of upcoming cameo roll calls are usually made well in advance so interested sponsors have time to consider whether they would like to participate.

How many cameos can I order?

Normally, a single user is currently limited to one cameo order per chapter. There is no limit to how many available extra roles can be ordered by the same person where extra roles are available. For some chapters, there are positions which Kern may declare unlimited, so multiple cameos can be ordered.

How do I make certain that my cameo is a good one?

What makes a cameo a good cameo is subjective, though nevertheless, guidelines and community support are available to help you improve your cameo.[3][4]

This article reflects events up to chapter 50.


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