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This page is heavily outdated. Any information you read below may no longer be valid.
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What is Relic Hunters?

Following in the tradition of Mel's Knighthood, Relic Hunters is a visual roleplaying adventure game where individuals get to design their own relic hunter and scour the world for lost treasures! Taking many of the lessons learned from Mel's Knighthood, Relic Hunters offers a more streamlined system to help increase user enjoyment.

How does it work?

Relic Hunters contains three archives, each archive belonging to a separate group made up of seven players. Each group has race/location restrictions that guide the stories which are overseen by a GM, with the artist for each archive serving as the visual storyteller. After every update, the members have a few days to come up with their next actions; each player can submit two actions and two dialog entries per page, to ensure that everyone gets comparable face time in the pages.

How often do the pages update?

If everything is going well, there are three updates a month, usually about ten days apart. Of course, issues can always arise, and in those instances, efforts will be taken to compensate Players for lost time and pages.

What race/location restrictions are there?

The three groups are restricted to the following races:
Group 1 - Underworld Races: Drowolath, Drowussu, Ver'Drowendar and Xuile'solen
Group 2 - Surface Races: Human, Orc, Feral, Light Elf and Naga
Group 3 - All Races: Underworld, Surface, Dwarf, Drider, Drow Hybrids & Elf Hybrids.

Additionally, Groups 1 and 3 are currently in the Underworld, while Group 2 is on the surface. While future adventures might take the characters to different locations, none of the groups will ever cross paths to keep the game fun and interesting and not bogged down (a major problem with Mel's Knighthood when the groups overlapped).

So I can join any group I want?

Not exactly. Since the 21 player limit is currently maxed, all interested individuals must email kern@drowtales.com in order to be placed on the waiting list as a player. When you make this request, you can state a group preferance, keeping in mind that it might be some time before the slot opens up. If you don't care, just being on the waiting list for first available slot will place you in queue for the next opening.

Keep in mind that Relic Hunters is a team game; you are subscribing, yes, but that covers the cost of the service. You still must make every effort to mesh with the group you're with; for instance, Group 1 was, at its beginning, almost completely composed of Sarghress Highland Raiders. If a slot opens in that group, you would be expected to make a character that would mesh well in that group. If you chose to break the mold, then the burden will be on you to work with the group and come up with a reason why your character would be there. Trying to make a loyal Sharen soldier in a Sarghress group simply will not work without some extraodinary circumstances which just might not exist in the story.

All characters must go through an approval process, so you must also get past the GM of the group before you can start playing, so it is in your best interests to play along!

Am I stuck with a single character?

No. Once you have an approved character and start playing, if your character ends up dying, or is permanantly removed from the story in another manner, then you will be asked to make a new character. Additionally, once a adventure chapter is completed, you will be given the option to create a new character, although this means that you have to start over and any rewards accrued by your existing character will be lost.

So, you have the option, but be careful with it!

How much does a Spectator subscription cost and what does it get me?

Spectator subscriptions costs $3 USD and grants you read access to the Mel's Knighthood and Relic Hunters archives, in addition to the Relic Hunters shoutbox, where you can talk to the players! Having a Spectator subscription allows you to stay updated on the current stories, helps you to decide if you'd like to be a player, supports the site and lets you become known to the Relic Hunters players and staff.

Spectators are considered first on the waiting list, giving you priority to someone who wants to join.

How much does a Player subscription cost and what does it get me?

Player subscriptions cost $20 USD and grants you read access to the Mel's Knighthood and Relic Hunters archives, in addition to the Relic Hunters shoutbox and forum, where you can discuss strategy and coordinate actions with your fellow players! You also gain the ability to create and design a character which then appears with up to two actions and two dialogs per page your group has (three pages a month).

Remember: You must contact kern@drowtales.com to be placed on the waiting list. When a slot opens up and you are accepted as a player, you will be given a link to begin your subscription.

I was on the waiting list for Mel's Knighthood; did that carry over?

Unfortunately, the waiting list for Mel's Knighthood was erased, so there's no way to access or validate that. If you're still interested in being a part of the interactive visual roleplay, contact kern@drowtales.com to establish your slot in the current waiting list.