Farasank Siyah'khorshed

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Farasank Siyah'khorshed
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Farasank Siyah'khorshed
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Earth Tribe - Leader
  • Melee Combat

Farasank is the leader of the Black Sun Earth Tribe. He was challenged by Sarv'swati for dominion of his tribe, and accepted defeat when he lost.

Appearance & Personality

Farasank is an extraordinarily large male drowolath with grey eyes. He has short raven hair left largely unstyled and he has the lighter skintone of a drowolath born near to the surface. He wears minimal armor and clothing, and his ears contain numerous large piercings. His upper face is covered in a prominent white facial tattoo, similar to that of the Jie'yen or Sullisin'rune. He is proficient in both unarmed combat and a variety of weapons, readily taking advantage of his massive size to overpower opponents.

He has an outwardly relaxed demeanor, but is quite brutal and aggressive. He fully believes the strong have a natural right to take what they want from the weak, and has no respect for any rules of society not backed by the threat of force. Unusually for the typically-matriarchal drow, Farasank has a predatory view towards most women, seeing them as little more than a source of children. Only women that can match or exceed his strength earn his respect, though at the cost of heightening his base desires still further. Despite these numerous dark traits, he holds himself to his own warped standards of honour, accepting challenges without hesitation and accepting defeat relatively graciously. He speaks with a heavy Siyah'khorshed accent.

Biography - Arc I

Sarv'swati spars with Farasank for the right to hire his tribe.[1]

An Offer In Name Only

Farasank first appeared as the District War began. Seeking mercenaries that were not subject to the influence of the Sarghress, Overseer Vidhi'yani sought out Sota for information on suitable outsiders.[2] Accompanied by Sun'ya and Nori'ga, Sota led Vidhi'yani to a nearby tavern frequented by Black Sun mercenaries. There, they found Farasank and members of his tribe causing a disturbance, having thrown out the building's proprietor.[3] As other responding Sharen surrounded the building, Vidhi'yani entered to personally confront the Black Sun leader. As she sealed the stone doorway, she extended an offer of employment to the gathered mercenaries, prompting Farasank to respond that his tribe did not work for "weak" Chelians. Irritated, the Overseer reminded him that the punishment for his people entering Sharen lands as a group was death, leaving them the choice of accepting the offer or attempting to flee.

Unperturbed, Farasank used his knife to loosen her robes as Vidhi'yani made no immediate effort to stop him, only to suddenly drive the blade from his hands with foci embedded in armor hidden under her robes. Moving quickly now, Vidhi'yani activated a summon contained in her gauntlet as the surrounding Sharen burst through walls with weapons drawn.[4] Before an outright battle could begin, Sarv'swati herself appeared, calling out to Farasank in his own tongue with a challenge for dominance over his tribe.[5] Impressed despite himself, Farasank accepted the challenge and the two began trading blows hand-to-hand.

Serving Sarv'swati

Throughout the brief brawl, it was clear their fight was largely political posturing, as Farasank found the situation amusing and Sarv'swati regarded it with boredom and scorn.[6] Though Sarv'swati initially held the advantage, Farasank momentarily expended more effort so he could grope Sarv'swati's ass. Angered by the impetuous act, Sarv'swati swiftly and definitively ended the "duel" by overpowering Farasank roughly to the ground and stomping his face into the cold stone, declaring his tribe hers to hire. As a bloodied Farasank picked himself off the floor, he declared his respect for the more powerful woman, offering her command over his tribe in exchange for allowing their entry into Chel.

In the years to come, his tribe would form a core component of Sarv'swati's forces against the Sarghress, in particular aiding in the operation of surface slave-colonies such as Dariya'ko.[7] However, relations between the two factions gradually became more strained as the Vel'Sharen began losing more and more ground to the Val'Sarghress during the course of the District War.

Notable Quotes

"My 'espect to you' st'enght and size, Val woman. Open you' borde's and my t'ibe is you's to command."[8] - Yielding to Sarv'swati and accepting her offer to employ his tribe.

"My respect to your strength and size, Val woman. Open your borders and my tribe is yours to command."

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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