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Appeared in chapters    3                                                     

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Faren
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Former Student at Orthorbbae

  • Defeated by Ariel and Sar'nel during the Fourth-Year Tournament

Faren was a student of Devya Tower during Ariel's fourth year at Orthorbbae, and a classmate of Suya.

Appearance & Personality

Faren is a lightly-built young male drowolath with yellow eyes. He has short back hair that he does not wear in any particular style.

Biography - Arc I

Faren appeared during the tournament held between towers during Ariel's fourth year at Orthorbbae. He and his classmate Suya were both ambushed by Ariel as they returned from a skirmish against her classmates, with Suya having taken Yafein's glasses during the fight. Unaware of her presence, the young girl was able to catch the duo entirely off-guard, quickly disabling one of Faren's legs before disabling Suya entirely. As Ariel moved to completely eliminate Faren from play, she was interrupted by an attack from her own classmate, Mir'kiin. Though this bought Faren some time to attempt to regain his feet, Sar'nel arrived and disabled both boys with strikes to their armor's torso.

Notable Quotes

"Ha, they even shoved that kid at us to stop us! Those really sucked!"[1] - Commenting on his and Suya's recent Skirmish with Ariel's classmates.

This article reflects events up to chapter 3.


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