Fari Mae'yukir Sarghress

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This page is not verified canon. It is intended for supplemental reference only.
Fari Mae'yukir Sarghress
Supplemental Content Character
Portrait of Fari Mae'yukir Sarghress
Race: Drowussu
Sponsored by: Partner555
Current Status
Sarghress Child
  • Crossbow Archery

Fari is the young son of Nuru'lara and Karo.

Appearance & Personality

Fari is a young male drowussu with pale blue eyes. He has wavy blonde hair left short and unstyled. He dresses in a plainly, but is fond of wearing a light suit Sarghress armor, though he is still too young to participate in battle. His breastplate has been painted with a red wolf emblem, in a manner not dissimilar to the emblem adorning his father's armor. He routinely carries multiple sealing stones on her person, owing to his parents strong desire to protect him from tainting.

Fari is, in many ways, a typical young boy. He is cheerful and full of energy, with an idealistic and somewhat naive world-view. While he displays immense pride in his clan, his focus lies in particular with Ariel, whom he idolizes.


Fari has not yet appeared in Moonless Age.

Notable Quotes

"Team Sarghress go!" - Exuberantly proclaiming his pride in his clan.

Character Concept