Feli'cia Vel'Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                         40          50       

Feli'cia Vel'Sharen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Feli'cia Vel'Sharen
Sponsored by: Sindas
Current Status
Vel'Sharen administrator
  • Ice sorcery
  • Tends to overcompensate

Feli'cia is a district administrator for the Vel'Sharen.

Apperance and Personality

Feli'cia wears blue clothes and her long pigtails are dyed blue. She tends to be overzealous in her espoused hatred of the Sarghress as a result of being mistrusted by her peers.


Feli'cia is a Vel'Sharen that was the district overseer for one of the 4 districts taken over by the Sarghress during the conflict at Darya Lake. She is of Sil'lice bloodline, but was one of those who were left behind during the Nidra'chaal war 31 years ago, and subsequently became a tainted Vel that firmly believed in the Sharen cause. She was assigned to one of the Sharen-held districts despite the distrust that came with being of the traitor's bloodline.

Feli'cia's fiery bravado for the Sharen cause puts off the more experienced Oiloss'lin, who had left her wounded daughter Kery'awa with attendants in Feli'cia's command. Later, she was abandoned by her peers when the Sarghress took over her district, and was offered the chance to surrender by Sarghress troops.

Feli'cia was held prisoner under released, and was given the opportunity to fight alongside Sil'lice and her family, when the Sarghress mistakenly assaulted Snadhya's empty tower. Now without her long ponytails and full of vengeance, Feli'cia aids the sarghress troops attacking Snadhya's minions Jiaan and Xharidil'uit Vel'Sharen[1].

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 40.


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