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Appeared in chapters  1                                                       

Moonless Age character
Portrait of Fuzzy
Race: Cat
Current Status
  • Given to Ariel for her 10th birthday

Fuzzy was a cat gifted to Ariel from her brother Kel'noz, ultimately killed by Syphile in a fit of pique.

Appearance & Personality

Ariel plays with Fuzzy.[1]

Fuzzy was a small grey cat with white paws and amber eyes. He was a friendly and playful creature, quickly bonding with Ariel over the course of a day's mischief. However, after a week's malnourishment, he was left shaken and fearful.


Fuzzy first appears shortly before Ariel's birthday, an early present from her older brother. He informs Ariel of the nature of the cat as a smaller cousin to the Ferals utilized by the Sullisin'rune as servants. Ariel gleefully takes her new pet with her on a day's mischief throughout the Sarghress Fortress, before returning to her chambers. They return to find Syphile waiting, who scolds Ariel for leaving her room without permission. Though Ariel attempts to hide Fuzzy from her hostile caretaker, the kitten squirms free, causing Ariel to beg to be allowed to keep her new pet. Though outwardly calming, an enraged Syphile locks Ariel in her chambers as punishment.

Without access to proper food or waste disposal, Fuzzy quickly grows ill as the days pass with no reprieve. When Syphile finally comes for Ariel a week later, the poor creature has been reduced to a pitiful state. As Ariel attempts to excuse the poor condition of the room, an agitated Syphile snatches the cat from Ariel by it's tail. Instinctively, Fuzzy bites into Syphile's hand in attempt to free himself, but only succeeds in angering the woman. Already frustrated, Syphile throws Fuzzy against the wall, crushing his skull and killing him instantly. His death traumatizes Ariel severely, cementing her hatred for Syphile.

Ariel cradles Fuzzy's broken body.[2]

Notable Quotes

"This little guy will keep you company." - Kel'noz, gifting Fuzzy to Ariel as an early birthday gift.[3]

This article reflects events up to chapter 1.


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