Velyndria "Grey" Mysyrn

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Appeared in chapters                                               46            

Velyndria "Grey" Mysyrn
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Velyndria "Grey" Mysyrn
Race: Vanir
Sponsored by: Tsuris
Current Status
Agent of Snadhya'rune
  • Parkour
  • Swears in Vanir

Velyndria is a vanir agent in service to Snadhya'rune.

Appearance & Personality

Velyndria is a lithe and agile female vanir with blue eyes. Her hair is solid black and drawn into a loose bun. She wears a white tunic and pants, with a a thick black belt and black boots. At some point in her past she lost her left arm to a severe injury and has since had it replaced with a golem prosthetic. She is a generally composed individual, but is easily flustered by drowolath sexuality. In battle, she equips a light breastplate and wields a pair of knives.

Velyndria successfully overpoweres Sabryne.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Defending Felde

Velyndria first appeared while confronting Sabryne within Snadhya'rune's holdings in Felde, over the latter's infiltration of the meeting and theft of materials related to the flower poison. The pair then began exchanging blows and, while Sabryne was able to land a solid strike to her face that dislodged a tooth, Velyndria soon overpowered the young Fallen Legionnaire. However, before she could move in to deliver the finishing blow, she herself was confronted by Sara, who appeared behind her armed with a hand-held Balvhakara mana-cannon. While Velyndria was able to conjure a mana shield to deflect the worst of the blast, the impact was sufficient to knock her into the nearby lake and dislodge her golem-arm.[2]

Velyndria survived the incident, though she was unable to reclaim her golem arm from the waters. She was next seen aboard the airship alongside Verthandi as a Mimaneid force attacked the airship, disparagingly describing the Kavahini soldiers as chickens.[3]

Notable Quotes

"Coming back to the very same boat you used to approach the island was a mistake. Did you really think it arrived unnoticed?"[4] -Confronting Sabryne as he tries to escape with a sample of the flower poison.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 46.


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