Harci Jie'yen

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Appeared in chapters                                                47          

Harci Jie'yen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Harci Jie'yen
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Partner555
  • Shadow affinity
  • Historian
  • Gera - Mate

A Jie'yen ambassador to the Sharen Alliance and mate of Gera.

Appearance & Personality

Harci is a rather small drowolath female with white hair and blue eyes. She wears her her in a long braid, secured with a decorative red hairband. Though outwardly meek and timid, she is quite honest in her assessments and opinions, and will attempt to mediate between disputing parties. She is keenly interested in history, a trait she shares with her mate. The two enjoy lecturing and are freely affectionate with one another in public.


Peace Negotiations

She is first seen during the negotiations between Quain'tana and Zala'ess. As Zala asks her advisors as to the state of the Alliance, Harci quietly states that their forces are no longer capable of mounting an offensive. When Quain'tana enters and bluntly addresses Zala'ess as motherkiller, tensions quickly rise. Though Harci attempts to mediate between the two factions, negotiations quickly falter as a large Balvhakara war-golem breaks the roof of the meeting room, directly threatening Quain'tana and her escort.

To prevent further escalation, Zala'ess offers a mere apology to Quain'tana, further infuriating the Sarghress leader. As Zala begins to spin Ash'waren's motives, Quain'tana finally loses all patience, grasping Zala'ess tightly by the jaw and forcing her to order everyone else out of the room.

Demon God Incident

Shortly thereafter, Ni'bai enacts her plot to use Kharla to control the power of a Demon God, and Harci is one of the many overtaken in what would later be called the Puppeteer Incident. No longer in control of her own body, she is forced to attempt to take Zala's life, but is prevented from doing so by the sacrifice of Sabrror.

Notable Quotes

"Empress, if I may, I can cite several cases in Chelian and Nuqrahn history where such meetings ended up escalating the bloodshed. For example, the eighth century meeting between your clan and the Chai'tioc led to the assassination..." -Her attempt at keeping the meeting civil when it degenerated.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 47.