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A comprehensive contributors guide may one day occupy this page. Until that time, let's have a quick and dirty overview of various techniques used in articles.

General guidelines

  • Every article should end with {{Last update | N}}, where N is the number of moonless age chapter, during which the article was last updated
  • Links! Whenever you use a term from drow tales universe that may be elaborated in a dedicated article, wrap it in [[ ]]. It doesn't matter whether an article with such name already exists or not, the fact that it once could is reason enough.
  • Article introduction. It is good to start every article with a very short summary of the subject, so that even a reader who hasn't a slightest idea what the article is about gets some basic context.

Clan pages

  • Article starts with {{Clan}} template
  • List of characters is constructed using {{CharacterList}} template

Character Pages

Advanced notes and guidelines

  • Archiving old versions of articles. Old versions of rewriten articles may (if deemed worthy) be moved in the Archive namespace, so that they remain easily accesible
  • Redirection pages. Tutorial on redirects here. Examples of useful redirects: Sarghress -> Val'Sarghress, Naal'Suul -> Naal'Suul Val'Beldrobbaen