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This is a working list of important events and story arcs that need dedicated event pages. This list is flexible and probably incomplete, so change or add to it as needed.

  • Important: When you start working on one of these event pages, make a note so that other contributors know which events still need work. When the new event page is finished, please link to it here.

Main comic

  • Nuqrah'Shareh Civil War
  • The Clans War (<-- working title)

Side stories & referenced events

  • Machike's Conquest (Ch.1)
  • Orthorbbae summoning accident [1]
  • The Fall of Val'Dutan'vir (Ch. 17)
  • Foundation of Chel'el'Sussoloth (Ch. 16 - Ash'waren's story)

Ongoing stories

  • Senekha's plan
  • Jaal'Daarya plan
  • The New Beginning of Val'Dutanvir
  • Vealia's Adventures
  • The Clans War


  1. Chapter 3, page 11