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Work in progress
This area is currently under construction. Heavy changes are to be expected.

So you want to create a page about a city, landmark or a region (or update an old one)? This page is designed to serve as a template for creation of pages about locations, be it a single landmark or a whole continent. If you copy and paste everything in a code box (except for the optional infobox sections) and fill in the needed information, your page will come out looking just like all the others.

To see an example of a correctly-formatted location page, look here.
For more help with editing the wiki, please see Help:Contributors Handbook.

A location page consists of the following parts (in this order):

1. (optional) The "Appears In" bar. This is made with the {{appears in}} template. Fill in the number of each chapter the location has appeared in separated by spaces.

{{appears in| ## ## ## }}

2. The location infobox. This is the box on the right side. It's made with the {{Location}} template.

In it's most simple form the template only looks like this:
If the following information is known in the comic, add any of the following optional lines:
 | section = the comic in which the location appears; defaults to ''Moonless Age''
 | aliases = 
* List of alternate names of the location.
* Use asteriks as bullet points to list them.

 | region = the name of the parent geographical subject that this location is part of
            (such as region="Chel'el'Sussoloth" for Beldrobbaen clan fortress, or 
            "Underworld" for the city of Chel'el'Sussoloth). This argument is used to 
            generate a link to the parent location as well as place the page in the right
            category, so make sure you type it properly.
 | factions  =
* List of factions (clans and other organizations) that are strongly related to this location. 
* Use the following format:
* [[Faction name]] - optional description of the relation

 | characters
* List of characters that are strongly related to this location. 
* Use the following format:
* [[Character name]] - optional description of the relation

3. Introduction and featured section. A short summary of basic information about the location. This should be no more than a few paragraphs that quickly details the important stuff about this location new readers might need. It's kind of like an encyclopedia entry.

Pick one or two sentances to "Feature" whenever this page is listed in a summary page:

[[Category:Can be featured]]<section begin=feature />These will be the featured sentences.<section end=feature />

4. The following content sections:

(Work in progress)

5. The footer. Please don't forget this. Fill in the chapter that this page was last updated on.

{{Last update|##}}

Empty Location page template

This is the whole location page template for copy-pasting convenience:

{{Appeared in |  }}

 | aliases = 
 | region = 
 | factions = 
 | characters = 
 | locations =

[[Category:Can be featured]]
<section begin=feature /> (featured summary here, three sentences max)  <section end=feature />
==First section==

{{Last update|{{subst:LatestChapter}}}}