Ileh'gro Illhar'dro

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Appeared in chapters                     20                                   

Ileh'gro Illhar'dro
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Ileh'gro Illhar'dro
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Outpost Representative

Ileh'gro Illhar'dro is the administrator of a jointly owned outpost between the Illhar'dro and the Nal'sarkoth, visited by Chirinide Val'Kyorl'solenurn, Shan'naal Kyorl'solenurn and Kyo'nne Val'Illhar'dro on their trip through the Overworld.

He explains to the trio of the situation the colonies are facing, of the exploding populations of goblin cities and the Hermionne threat pushing against clans trying to resettle the surface.

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.