Ileh'gro Illhar'dro

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Appeared in chapters                     20                                      

Ileh'gro Illhar'dro
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Ileh'gro Illhar'dro
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Surface Merchant
  • Trading
  • Administration

Ileh'gro is an Illhar'dro surface merchant and the administrator of a small trading outpost in the north end of Dokkalfar Pass.

Appearance & Personality

Ileh'gro is a short male drowolath with pale blue eyes. He has pale blue hair that is worn short and unstyled. He wears a simple tunic, over top of which he wears a heavy brown coat for additional warmth. He is a very polite and friendly individual, with a keen grasp of the surface's military and political climate. While fond of his Halme associates and neighbors, he has an unkind view towards the conquering Hermionne, comparing them unfavourably to the religious zealots within the Val'Kyorl'solenurn clan.

Biography - Arc I

Notable Quotes

"Niwaecer is a nation not even 200 years old. Yet it spreads like wildfire, pushing away the halmes that we have grown used to dealing with."[1] - Noting the threat posed by the invasive Hermionne people.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 20.


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