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The Imperial Guard serves as the Empress's personal military, exacting her judgement on individuals and clans that have broken the laws of the land. It consists of people from all clans who protect the Empress at all times, and overseers who delegate her will. Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir was once the Empress' most trusted Overseer until she was deposed, and Chrys'tel acts as an Overseer for Zala'ess. Several of Sarv'swati's bloodline are also members of the Imperial Guard, such as Nori'ga, Sun'ya and Overseer Vidhi'yani.


Nidraa'chal war


Service to the Fake Empress


Major characters

Portrait Mikilu'ligr Val'Dutan'vir.png
Once an esteemed Imperial Overseer, Mikilu is now the Ill'haress of the restored Val'Dutan'vir clan.
Portrait Nir'naya.png
The captain of the Imperial Guard, Nir'naya is heavily involved in the Vel'Sharen conspiracies and serving as an agent and pawn for each of the three ruling daughters.
Portrait Chrys'tel Vel'Sharen.png
Chrys'tel is a younger daughter of Zala'ess and an Imperial Vel'Sharen Overseer. She and her protector twin Shinae have been exploring the dark secrets of her family's history.
Portrait Sker'ligr Mae'yukir Sarghress.png
Sker'ligr is a Val'Dutan'vir warrior serving within the Mae'yukir subhouse of the Sarghress clan.


Portrait Eri'nyasa Sharen.png
Eri'nyasa Sharen is an Imperial Overseer charged with the protection of Empress Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.
Portrait Sarai Shessembrae Val'Beldrobbaen.png
Sarai is a Val'Beldrobbaen serving in the Imperial Guard, acting as an Overseer for the Empress.
Portrait Vidhi'yani Vel'Sharen.png
Vidhi'yani is an Imperial Overseer of Sarv'swati Vel'Sharen's lineage.
Portrait Nemea'tari Delbara Beldrobbaen.png
Nemea'tari is a Beldrobbaen serving as an Overseer in the Imperial Guard.


Portrait Sota Vel'Sharen.png
Sota is a Vel'Sharen Imperial Guard of Zala'ess' line.
Portrait Chigusa Val'Sharen.png
Chigusa is a Val'Sharen renegade of Nishi'kanta's line. She is now a Machike colonist.
Portrait Nori'ga Vel'Sharen.png
Nori'ga is a Vel'Sharen guard of Sarv'swati's lineage that is master to an unfortunately disobedient dragon.
Portrait Sun'ya Vel'Sharen.png
Sun'ya is a Vel'Sharen guard of Sarv'swati's lineage that has a taste for the ladies.
Portrait Daksha'yani Vel'Sharen.png
Daksha'yani is an Imperial Guard stationed in the Beldrobbaen fortress, guarding the false Empress.
Portrait Anin'dita Vel'Sharen.png
Anin'dita Vel'sharen is an Imperial Guard of Sarv'swati's lineage. She is charged with protection of the Empress Diva'ratrika.
Portrait Tlu'rath.png
Tlu'rath is an aged and stoic drider serving in the Imperial Guard.
Portrait Leona Kyorl'chath Suru Tei'kaliath.png
Leona is a Tei'kaliath serving in the Imperial Guard, officially charged with the protection of Empress Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.
Portrait Sorn'mal Vel'Sharen.png
Sorn'mal is an Imperial Guard of Sarv'swati's lineage, now a Machike colonist.
Portrait Ran'diirk Xyrrai'zestu Sharen.png
Ran'diirk, a member of the Xyrrai'zestu house, is an Imperial Guard charged with the protection of empress Diva'ratrika Val'Sharen.
Portrait Kail'odian Xyrrai'zestu Sharen.png
Kail'odian was one of the fake Diva'ratrika Vel'sharen's Imperial bodyguards on her visit to the Val'Beldrobbaen castle.
Portrait Ty'tose Vel'Sharen.png
Ty'tose is an Imperial Guard of Sarv'swati's lineage, serving on the Beldrobbaen front of The District War.
Portrait Al'tesh Vel'Sharen.png
Al'tesh is an Imperial Guard currently serving under Zala'ess.
Portrait Zuhur Vel'Sharen.png
Zuhur is a Sharen Vel of Zala'ess' bloodline, serving as a dragon knight.
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Tehur is an Imperial Guard serving the Empress.