Jal'na Val'Illhar'dro

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Jal'na Val'Illhar'dro
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Jal'na Val'Illhar'dro
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
Nega's Favorite
  • Spellsong
Jhal'na is Nega'fanea's favorite daughter, and is headmistress of Spellsong at Orthorbbae.

Jhal'na is a daughter of Illharess Nega'fanea, and like her mother, Jhal'na has the usual Drowolath skintone rather than the unique Nuqrah'sharian lighter brown color. Like most Illhar'dro, she has a pleasant personality and sports long, light blue hair; Jhal'na also wears jewelery similar to Nega'fanea.

Jhal'na is first seen alongside her mother at the Illharess Council Meeting, happy to express how wonderful Chel was and that the Illhar'dro have traveled to the city to participate in the Moon's End Festival. She too is disappointed that the other leaders would consider cancelling the event due to the civil unrest.

During the Nuqrah'shareh Civil War, along with her son Sorane, Quian Jie'yen, Yafein Val'Sullisin'rune and Nyo'ka's two children, Jhal'na was captured by rebel forces that held the Illhar'dro Palace Isle. To her horror, they were planning to dismember her and send her body parts to Nega'fanea in a small box; fortunately during the Sharen offensive, An'jin Jie'yen and fellow assassins kill Jhal'na's captors and release her.

Jhal'na held prisoner by rebel forces in the Illhar'dro Palace.

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.