Jer'kol Sarghress

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Jer'kol Sarghress
Moonless Age character
Portrait of Jer'kol Sarghress

Current Status

  • Spent too much time with Syphile
Jer'kol is a soldier in the Val'Sarghress military who has made multiple attempts on the life of Ariel Val'Sarghress. It has been implied that his actions were a result of spending too much time around Syphile, Ariel's resentful caretaker.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Jer'kol is a bitter, yet crafty soldier. He is spiteful of anyone who tries to deprive him of that which he feels entitled to. He resorts to lies and trickery to accomplish his goals of revenge.

He has white, wavy, shoulder-length hair. His ears have jagged cuts along the edges, and his eyes are purple.


Sarghress Home Guard

Jer'kol first met Ariel when she was returning home from Orthorbbae. He approached her tenderly, reaching out to her and claiming to be her father. Kel'noz forcefully pushed him away, chastising him harshly for his behavior. Jer'kol accepted this gracefully and backed down.

Later, he allowed Faen and Ariel to borrow his wolf when they were going out in the market. His wolf showed clear signs of abuse, but the girls took it with them anyway.

Ariel returned the wolf and ran into Jer'kol on her way back to the fortress with her newly purchased slave, Vaelia. She thanked him for letting her borrow the wolf, but before she could leave, he reached out to embrace her again. He held her close, spouting lies about how he, as her father, would take her away from all of this. He closed his arms around her neck, slowly choking the struggling and panicking girl.

Vaelia clued into what Jer'kol was doing and kicked him in the face. He reacted loudly, attracting the attention of Commander Kor'maril. Kor'maril stepped in on Ariel's behalf, but not before Ariel managed to claw out Jer'kol's right eye.

Attack on The Sarghress Caravan

Months later, when Ariel and her party were leaving for the Overworld to find Faen, the Highland Raider caravan they were departing with was attacked by a large group of dwarves. Jer'kol was among the Highland Raiders set to defend the caravan and was given permission to help protect the children. Wearing a full-faced helmet, he was indistinguishable from the other Raiders, and it wasn't until he seriously injured Vaelia that it was clear to Ariel he was a threat. He attacked Ariel again, but Ariel and her allies quickly managed to kill him for good.

Since then, his name has been used by Ariel to describe anyone who is aggressive or mean.

This article reflects events up to chapter 39.


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