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Appeared in chapters                                             44        52  54  

Moonless Age Cameo character
Portrait of Jethel Portrait for Arc II
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Enferen
Current Status
Machike Colonist
  • Affinity - Light Sorcery

Jethel is a former Tei'kaliath and surface colonist. Previously, he served in Felde as one of Snadhya'rune's many servants.

Appearance & Personality

Jethel is a relatively short and lean drowolath male with blue eyes. He wears simple grey robes and a metal hairband, befitting his status as a humble servant. Polite and professional, he believed Snadhya'rune to be a good employer, if nothing else.

Following his assault by Kharla, he left Snadhya'rune's service and became a surface colonist. The experience has left him rather embittered and with a much shorter temper than before. He makes a large effort to hide the signs of his dollification by Kharla.

Biography - Arc II

Serving Snadhya’rune

When Mel'arnach and Lu/Khaless arrived in Felde, Jethel greeted them and provided Mel with a fur coat gifted to her from Snadhya'rune. As Mel wistfully commented on Snadhya'rune's impressive holdings in Felde, Jethel noted her to be a good employer.[1] He then departed to attend to the carriage's Dawmeres.

Felde Peace Conference

When Kiel's group arrived, he was somewhat taken aback as Njack took some of the food he was serving off of his platter. Later, as he interrupted Kharla as she was gorging herself directly above a buffet, she stuffed one of the buns in his mouth and proceeded to use her high sorcery on him before Larvova and Khaless arrived to stop her. Despite this, one of his eyes had been dollified, marking him as a survivor of Kharla's power.

Biography - Arc III

Jethel was among the Machike colonists defending their homes against the Hermionne invaders as the colonists surged onto the field in support of the main Machike garrison. He battled a group of five Hermionne foot soldiers alongside Mal'ligr, while warning Mal about the carnage the goblins caused in the southern lands.

Though the colonists were able to repel the goblin horde, mere days later they were assaulted by the Nidraa'chal Airship after rejecting heavy-handed diplomatic overtures from Kyo'nne. With the fortress heavily damaged and the looming threat of continued attacks, the colonists were forced to evacuate back to Chel. Jethel traveled in the company of his fellow Tei'kaliath, Brorn and Lenar.[2]

Notable Quotes

"Lady Vel? Excuse me, Lady Vel? if you could please follow me--" - Unintentionally drawing Kharla's ire.[3]

"You haven't seen what those wretches did down south." - Rebuking Mal'ligr's relatively cavalier attitude to invaders.[4]

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to chapter 52.


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