Kedren Val'Balvhakara

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Kedren Val'Balvhakara
Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Kedren Val'Balvhakara Portrait for Arc II
Race: Drowolath
Current Status
  • Golem Piloting
  • Fought on Chrys'tel's behalf in a tournament.

Kedren is one of the sons of Illhar Agneya'mukhi Balvhakara. He was, for a time, Chrys'tel's chosen mate.

Appearance & Personality

Kedren is a tall male drowolath with an athletic build and grey eyes. He has shoulder-length black hair left largely unstyled. His armor is the standard black of the Balvhakara, with little outward ornamentation. He arms himself with a rather large bastard sword.

By the proud account of his sister, Kedren is a strong and courteous individual. Despite this endorsement, his demeanor when informing Chrys'tel of the end of their relationship is distinctly blunt, though he remains apologetic and is clearly unhappy with the political necessity of the act.

Sara'hilana eagerly expresses her approval of Chrys'tel's match with her brother.[1]

Biography - Arc II

Topic of Gossip

Kedren is first referred to in the aftermath of the Sharen and Balvhakara's failed mission to retrieve the stolen airship. As Chrys'tel and Sara'hilana arrive on the surface and briefly rest, they are joined by Phani'lath and Nau'kheol. Phani'lath, crass as ever, immediately steered conversation towards Chrys'tel's love life. Eagerly joining the conversation, Sara'hilana explained Chrys'tel's paramour to be none other than her brother, Kedren. The pair then began to relentless tease the young Sharen overseer, much to her frustration.[2]

Continuing Topic of Gossip

Some time later, Sara'hilana would continue to bring up the subject of Kedren's relationship with her brother. As she and Nau'kheol traveled towards Felde aboard the Vloz'ress turtle summon, she brought up the topic of his presumed political mating, even noting Zala'ess' suggestion that he sire children of Sharen lineage as part of political alliances Nuqrah'shareh. Once more, she proudly boasted of her brother's pairing with Chrys'tel, ignoring Nau'kheol's growing discomfort.

Biography - Arc III

An Alliance Breakup

Kedren made his first actual appearance as Chrys'tel recovered in her personal quarters from a recent expedition to locate a missing Imperial Guard, in the course of which she assassinated Snadhya'rune's most recent appointee. Having coughed blood as a symptom of her progressing seed, she cleaned her mouth in a bathroom before returning to her room to find Kedren. Inquiring as to his long absence and lack of recent messages, Kedren responded by informing her that the Balvhakara were severing ties with the Alliance and returning to Nuqrah'shareh. Though Chrys'tel pleaded for a chance to discuss the matter with Zala'ess, Kedren bluntly informed her that the clans were done talking, leaving her with a short and abrupt farewell.

Notable Quotes

"I'm sorry... it's better we don't linger on our goodbyes."[3] - Bluntly and abruptly ending his romantic relationship with Chrys'tel.

Outside of Moonless Age

Though not part of verified Moonless Age canon, Kedren appeared in the Daydream Story Duty of a Dragon Princess.

This article reflects events up to Chapter 56.


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