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Moonless Age Character
Portrait of Kenro
Race: Emberi
Current Status
Machike Resident
  • Push-ups

Kenro is a young Emberi teenager and Vaelia's son.

Appearance & Personality

Kenro is a young male Emberi with grey eyes. He inherited his mother's black hair, though he wears it much shorter. He dresses in simple tunics of brown and white. He is a rather headstrong young boy, eager to prove himself and chafing under his mother's desire to keep him safe.

Biography - Arc II

Kenro first appeared as a young boy, engaging in a light-hearted and somewhat one-sided sparring match with "Skwerk". Forcing the small creature to scurry away, he declared himself victorious.[1] His mother then arrived, telling him it was time to leave the earth spirits be and go pray to their ancestors. Though Kenro wanted to keep practicing with his sword, his mother was insistent and mildly rebuked the young boy for disrespecting their ancestors with such an attitude.

However, before they could return to their home, one of Vaelia's fellow Highland Raiders, Ilmssyn, arrived with orders for Vaelia to deploy to a mission to Dariya'ko. Though Kenro wanted to accompany his mother, she insisted he remain at home with his sister. Leaving the two children in the care of their neighbor, Nihemo, Vaelia instructed the boy to take the next caravan to Haltonreibe and find their father if she did not return by the next moon.

Fortunately, Vaelia returned from her mission unharmed and the boy eagerly embraced his mother.[2]

Notable Quotes

"I can do a lot of push-ups without stopping, and-and I can lift your halberd and I even beat one of the spirits this morning!"[3] - Trying to convince his mother to allow him to accompany her on a mission.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 51.


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