Kery'awa Xyrrai'zestu Sharen

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Appeared in chapters                                         40                 

Kery'awa Xyrrai'zestu Sharen
Moonless Age Cameo Character
Portrait of Kery'awa Xyrrai'zestu Sharen
Race: Drowolath
Sponsored by: Runes
Current Status
Vel'Sharen Dragon Knight
  • Mounted combat
  • Shadow sorcery
  • Loves strawberries

Kery'awa is a cameo character designed by Runes.

Appearance and Personality

Kery'awa is a Vel'Sharen Dragon Knight who fought the Sarghress in the district wars. Extremely rare within her clan, she is untainted.

Biography - Arc II

Kery'awa rode into battle against Nul'indra, Reka, Tur'geis and Laj'vati during the Sarghress assault. She easily bested Nu'lindra while her dragon tore into Reka, then Kery'awa faced Tur'geis in a duel with Laj'vati raining building debris on her. Eventually Nul'indra suffered a hit on her shoulder, and her mother Oiloss'lin pulled Kery'awa out of harm's way just as Sarghress Homeguard were advancing on location.

Kery'awa was placed under care of empath attendants under the service of district supervisor Feli'cia Vel'Sharen, while recovering from her injuries. When the districts were lost, she was evacuated to First Landing where she mourns the loss of her beloved dragon companion. Her mother left her a dragon plushie at her bedside.

Character Concept

This article reflects events up to Chapter 40.